A look into the experiences of artists living, working and exhibiting in the Horlock Art Gallery & History Museum.

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Hayley Morrison



“Born and raised in the Beehive state, Hayley has since lived in Chicago, Santa Fe, Sydney, and Austin. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University in 2008 and has created custom murals across the Wasatch Front, contributed to Comic Con San Diego and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, led Dancing Moose Montessori’s Art Program, and shown in a variety of group and solo exhibitions.” –Hayley’s Artist Bio, http://www.hayley.co/about-hayley


My work deals with the formation of core beliefs and discovery of new truths that have the power to change us. Each newly-discovered truth comes with a decision to accept and incorporate it into one’s beliefs or reject it and persist in existing beliefs. Truth can lead the open mind through a personal evolution that contributes to a more accurate and sympathetic world view.

Discovery, truth, and belief disruption take shape in my work as surreal settings of disparate styles. Elements of the natural landscape, vintage children’s books, sacred geometry, and my imagination as well as a variety of techniques and media such as monoprinting, paper marbling, spray paint, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and collage coalesce to unfold a reality that is reflective of the curiosity, intensified perspective, and playfulness of the impressionable mind.

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Rebecca Dias

Rebecca Dias
Rebecca Dias

Rebecca Dias graduated from Scripps College in 2010 with a B.A. in Humanities: Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture, Concentration: Issues of Globalization. She is currently working on her M.A. in Business Design & Arts Leadership through Savannah College of Art and Design. Since graduating from Scripps College, Rebecca has lived in Shanghai, China where she became a founding member of Basement 6 Art Collective and taught art in several capacities both in the states and abroad. While she has enjoyed these experiences, Rebecca is ready to focus on expanding her platform and portfolio as professional artist.

During her residency at the Horlock Art Gallery, Rebecca hopes to expand her portfolio, learn more about gallery operations and representation, and advance platform as a professional artist. Rebecca is excited to use her role as a Navasota Artist-in-Residence to promote arts within the Navasota community, and to support the Horlock House and Arts Council of Brazos Valley.

Artist Statement

In my acrylic and water-based media paintings, I seek to bring a viewer’s subconscious experience to a conscious reflective surface through presenting a tension of abstraction and form. For purely abstract paintings, this tension may emerge through color, shape, size, or texture of visual elements. For abstraction of recognizable forms, visual elements contrast with a habitual or expected experience of a recognizable subject to engage the viewer’s perception at an emotional or spiritual level. I allow my own experience during the painting process to direct the flow of paint and composition, through factors such as motion and method of paint application. In showing up to my own blank canvas, I become a child again. The final product is a tangible, reflective expression of my own conscious and subconscious experience during the painting process, in a form accessible to viewers as a childlike invitation to their own reflective experience.

Rebecca’s Blog

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Caroline Faye


Caroline Faye is a painter and multimedia artist currently based in Navasota, Texas, where she is an Artist in Residence at the Horlock Art Gallery. Her work synthesizes moments of her quiet farm and field surroundings with her personal history, and a lifelong fascination with her own body, particularly in relation to the unnatural and uncomfortable. Through bright color and a surplus of visual information, she expresses the eccentricities of her world through an optimistic and energetic lens. Anybody who looks for beauty within the strangeness and complexity of our world can resonate with the work.

Faye was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she attended New World School of the Arts- a high school program that aims to cultivate young talent. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis- Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts with majors in Painting and English Literature with a Creative Writing Concentration, and a minor in Art History. She has shown her work in Context: Art Miami, among other exhibitions around the country. She is currently represented by Grove Gallery and Interiors in Coconut Grove, Florida, and the Horlock Gallery in Navasota. Beginning in late September, she will be teaching an art class through which she hopes to instill a sense of creative wonder and a love for visual communication in young minds.

Artist Statement

Growing up in the loud and bustling city of Miami as a child on the autism spectrum, I was often overwhelmed by external stimuli. Touch and noise invaded my body and mind on a near constant basis. Amidst the chaos, drawing and painting became outlets for staying grounded, while allowing me to show the world as I saw it. I had always been aware that I experienced the everyday differently than my peers, and making art allowed me to focus on what was in front of me and communicate that with others. Learning how to translate thoughts and experiences into visual form was an arduous process, but I soon came to realize that there can be beauty in the overwhelming, and that my experience was not a disability but rather a revealing lens through which to see the world.

My art became a celebration of eccentricity in humans and nature, and the impossibility of perceiving an objective natural world. Bright colors and harsh lines create an artificiality in each painting that echoes my unnatural experience of all things natural. From views of mountain summits, to linear expressions of bodies fully immersed in strange spaces, each painting embodies my deep emotional immersion into my environments. Visceral, and sometimes disconcertingly discordant, the paintings are built up in layers as they search for harmony within their own chaos. Each painting centers around the relationship between person and environment, and the way which we all desire to simultaneously assimilate and stand out.

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COVID Hours- Fall 2020

The Horlock House has reopened with two new residents, Shannon Ferguson and Ashley Andersen. Here are the new gallery hours for the Fall! Come meet the artists and check out their work!

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