Can you change the World?



I knew 2017 would bring growing pains for me. Now I also can say America as a whole is in the thick of it.

Since Donald Trumps inaugural debute, we as a country fell down in the vast quick sand that is the American Male ego. Celebrities and common folk alike  banded together in record breaking Woman & Immigrant marches around the world. But are the marches helping change the world? Can we strong liberals heal the shadow aspects of fear in the Americans that voted for him? Can you alone change the World? In trying times like these I ponder the control we all have while grasping for straws.


Yesterday I floated around a canvas, painting a familiar image. James came over to sage, ceder, and bless the land the Historic Horlock House sits upon. A medium told James and I there were unrested spirit’s attached to it (and me) at a Body, mind, and Soul in the weeks previous.

I felt dizzy and weighted as he saged Hufreesh and I. We burnt tobacco after thinking of our intentions for the unrested spirits. I made a large pot of lemon grass tea, then walked barefoot outside. I knew that was the real reason why we came to the Horlock house, Hufreesh voiced my thoughts aloud as we sat upon the blue porch watching Jame’s rituals.

A trumpeting train beckons behind the building I sit in while I rehearse yesterday. I sold a pair of earrings, downed a latte,  and  am contemplating my next move. Minimalize, reorganize, and find peaceful moments throughout the day. These are my current priorities.

When Your time is up, then your time is UP.


A man came into the gallery today and we had a lengthy chat about death and  his view was and I quote, “when your time is up, your time is up.” I did not have much of a rebuttal without losing my confidence in his openess around the after life, for my views bathe in the thick milk of Spirituality only.

Donald Trump is tweeting as the President of the United States, there was a shooting at The Fort Lauderdale Airport, and that is JUST 2 bad things about 2017.

2016 ended after several awkward family Christmas’s.  I slept on a couch at a house party when the New Years Eve Ball dropped,  I spilt a very good pink Negroni on a fuzzy white blanket that wasn’t mine. Colin took my socks and scrubbed out the spill so no one could see, later I didnt have socks on and it was -3 degrees. Exhausted, it was an omen that I barely got out of 2016 alive. Literally, it wouldn’t be the first time. The heavy weight of change is upon me like a rain droplet falling onto an ants back, morphing the insect into a piece of glitter floating in circles around a watery snowglobe…with no way out BUT to wait IT out.

Mercury is going retrograde until tomorrow and it caused my travel plans to cramp up. Colin was driving me to the airport from Lacrosse to Minneapolis and his car stopped working on the highway. My mother came to pick me up. Needless to say I was in for a long night of delayed then cancelled flights from Dallas Fort worth to College Station. The taxi driver dropped me and 5  others off at the Hotel Sheraton in downtown Dallas. Unknowingly the wrong one. 45 minutes later around 2 am at the correct Sheraton I could not sleep. My next flight was in the morning and I could not turn off my inner panic mode to get some shut eye.


Thankfully I am back in Navasota! James (a close friend) picked me up at Easterwood Airport with his pitbull “Viktor” in toe. I missed them. Without those boys in the same state as me it felt like my heart was a deep cream colored wall, in-which a picture was taken off. It leaves a bleached white square behind, pristine but off putting…making you have to fill it with something or redo the whole wall. I decided to paint the wall. I plan on doing that by listening to my heart, and giving people who want to love me a fighting chance.

We stopped at a used clothing store where I bought a few dresses and James was looking for rain gear. He is about to help a friend sail his boat and new life across the Gulf of Mexico, (something James has always wanted to do he tells me.) I started painting as soon as I settled in after being dropped off. I felt the calling of a new “work” inside me. Ringing annoyingly as an alarm going off in a room full of sleeping toddler’s, my head buzzed. An aggressive impulse to paint and possibility to change my life materially this year is starting to be woven into reality. Hopefully a firm foundation for my career that will  last year’s to come.

“Fear is the darkroom in which negatives develop.”-A fortune cookie I opened on New Years…

Happy 2017.

-Ashton Hall


Holiday Open House!


Come on down TODAY and chat with Ashton, HuFreesh, and Adrianna about their Art (December 10th) For coming you are entered into a chance to win our Art on the spot! We have wine, coffee, tea, cake and other snacks!

Suspension of disbelief


My name is Ashton Hall, and I am excited to welcome myself and my Oil Art to Texas. About 10 years ago I realised I had a gift that I needed to utilize. I applied to Western Technical College in LaCrosse Wisconsin and Graduated with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design in 2011. Soon after getting a job in the field, I knew it did not fulfill me. I needed to keep looking for my niche in the world and I realized it was my first love all along… self expression through oil paint, acrylic, and oil pastel. Since I seen the opportunity in Navasota Texas to sell my own work I knew I needed to apply and learn the value of my own WORK. There seems to be a stigma attached to artists, like they’re all poor or it is hard to make money through the art. Several of these thoughts exist because it seems the Art needs approval in order to have a backbone…support to lean on. I am guilty of this as well, I believed my value to society reflected in my work. I realize through this experience, Art is all about what you value in your own self. It is a true reflection of your current mind and thoughts.

It is an overcoming feat being an artist in this world and realizing your true worth. (It took me 10 years) Choosing this profession has afforded me expansion past normal means,  for my mind hasn’t been at a stagnant job. Every year I am different, I celebrate through my Art and feel anew.  I’m not saying it is a hard Road, I’m saying it’s a road of Strife but then Sweet reward…of Battle then Celebration. This is a warning for all Artists who want to travel the road of being a professional artist, while selling your work… beware of your own thoughts about yourself and what you believe you can accomplish.  You will accomplish as much as you believe you can. Suspend your current beliefs in order to reach higher positive perspectives than you EVER imagined. Being yourself takes courage and resilance, you will get back the belief you put in… Yourself.

-Ashton E. H1207161245

Breaking the mold…

Boring, boring, boring…

As I picked up my white rectangular  canvas, those were the words that kept repeating in my head like a broken record that just wouldn’t stop playing.  I walked around my studio listlessly and feeling uninspired, as I sauntered out into the garden seeking for new inspiration…new freedom to break out of my self imposed confinement. I compared the rectangular canvas to my life, which felt limited and restrictive. Years of playing by the rule had left an emptiness in my soul. Finally, I had reached a point where I needed to be more daring, to take baby steps into unchartered territory.  It felt scary and daunting…to leave behind the known for the unknown, made my hand tremble. But this is what Art was all about for me… ” Life is Art, Art is Life” each inspires the other to grow and thrive.

Looking at the tree I was inspired to add some wood to my Art work. Below is one such example…( to see more of such works, please visit my site :  under “Mixed media”).

It is a reflection of my spirit as well, that is constantly seeking and searching for more from life then meets the eye.  I try to break free from the set mold and am seeking new ways to be creative and to truly be myself. Art reveals a lot about the artist, if you can understand the language that Art speaks. 🙂 Below is a recent Art work that I created.IMG_6291.jpg

So, have you found the courage to break free from your mold?

What do you think of it? Please do share your comments with me.

Navasota, Navasota…where are you?

Tell anyone that you are heading out to Navasota and you can see a puzzled expression on their face…”Navasota, where?” Coming from California, most people have never heard of  Navasota, Texas. To be honest, I had never heard of Navasota, till I applied for this Art residency and got accepted! 🙂 My artistic imagination just ran ahead of me…

I imagined cowboys on horsebacks galloping into sunset… a small little western town where everyone is walking around in cowboy hats! Darn it! Why is it that the reality never matches up with your imagination! So, imagine my surprise when I reached Navasota and finding no cowboys around! Alas…but the adventure of Navasota had just begun. And here in this little town I would discover beauty and the warm Texan hospitality.

Below is a picture I took on one of my evening walks around Navasota.


And in these last couple of months, I have found the time and the space to go within myself and bring out the colors of inspiration onto the canvas.

“Enchanting tree bark” Mixed media – 30″ x 48″


This particular painting was inspired by interesting tree barks that I came across in Navasota. I used molding paste to create the bark texture…

Before moving out.


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Closing Reception


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