Saskia Becker

Saskia Becker is a visual artist from Fort Collins, Colorado. She graduated from Colorado State University with a B.F.A. in painting and drawing. Saskia’s work is well known throughout Northern Colorado, but she has also shown her work nationally and internationally, in Hobart, Australia, Dallas, Texas, and Portland, Oregon. From August 2020-September 2021 she was the Resident Artist at Half Crown Creative in Fort Collins. When she is not painting, she is climbing 14ers, running, biking, rock climbing or skiing.  To learn more about Saskia view her art here:

Artist Statement

Saskia’s current work explores the subconscious mind through the vehicle of dreams. Translated into paint, the work explores the language and visual landscapes of dreams. She is primarily an oil painter, but frequently employs sculpture and photography as aides. The end result aims to find a deeper understanding of, or perhaps get lost in, the dreamer’s psyche.