Past Artists

Spring 2014

mountain Somerville Campers-Drysdale Michael Villarreal

Gregory Darby
Read Gregory’s Blog!

Owen Drysdale
Read Owen’s Blog!

Michael Villarreal
Read Michael’s Blog!

Fall 2014

P1030729 PocketSimonMed IMG_3827

Mick Burson
Read Mick’s Blog!

Catherine Kaleel
Read Catherine’s Blog!

Lisa Urban
Read Lisa’s Blog!

Spring 2015

Honu Migration, 9x12 FullSizeRender  I made two more paintings in July/Early August to finish up my time here.

Jessica Orfe
Read Jessica’s Blog!

Heidi Pitre
Read Heidi’s Blog!

Lisa Urban
Read Lisa’s Blog!

Fall 2015

Scotty Gorham
Read Scotty’s Blog!

Andrea Edwards
Read Andrea’s Blog!

Steve Knotts
Read Steve’s Blog!

Spring 2016

cisneros1 Theodore2 hudson1

Christy Cisneros
Read Christy’s Blog!

Eric Theodore
Read Eric’s Blog!

Abby Hudson
Read Abby’s Blog!

Fall 2016

Hufreesh Chopra
Hufreesh Chopra’s Blog!

Ashton Hall
Ashton Hall’s Blog!

Adriana De Luna
Adriana De Luna’s Blog!

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