A look into the experiences of artists living, working and exhibiting in the Horlock Art Gallery & History Museum.

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Apinya Srikhwanthong

Apinya Srikhwanthong is a fine artist from Thailand currently based in San Francisco. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Art, Painting and Drawing. She is knowledgeable and highly proficient in a range of mediums including oil paint, acrylic, and charcoal. Her works have been exhibited in Alaska, New Jersey, San Francisco, Sebastopol, Paso Robles, and Pittsburg. On an international level, her works have been exhibited in Thailand and China. Through her experience and experimentation with traditional mediums, she has transferred her skills to working with mixed media and paper artworks, creating book arts and paper sculptures.

Apinya’s artistic journey began back home in Thailand, where she participated in an art workshop held at her high school. It presented her with the opportunity to discover her passion to create art. In 2011, she attended Poh-Chang Academy of Art in Bangkok, Thailand where she pursued her undergraduate program in Painting and Drawing. With the encouragement from her professors, she joined the National Reality Fine Art Competition TV Show, ‘Art Tree Season 2’, which was broadcast nationwide on the Thai PBS channel. She came in second place, but what she gained the most was the experience and knowledge shared by the famous national Thai Art jurors and contestants.

Apinya was granted a scholarship to further pursue her artistic career in the United States of America. In 2012, she arrived in San Francisco to begin a new chapter in her artistic journey at the Academy of Art University (AAU). During her academic years, she worked hard to get into the annual AAU Juried Spring Shows. In 2015, she received the BFA Paper Sculpture Specialty Award from the University, along with the Jurors Choice Award for Self-portrait Paper Sculpture at the 30th Annual National No Big Heads competition in Alaska. The next year, she received the Second Place of Book Arts Award, as well as the BFA Online Award for Mixed Media at the AAU Annual Spring Show 2016. These awards cemented her status as one of the best students in her Fine Art Faculty and her instructors motivated her to press onward as a professional artist.

After graduation, she taught a Paper Sculpture class at the CalColor Academy and later accepted a residency with The Arts Council and is now living and focusing on her art in Navasota, Texas. As for what the future holds, she hopes to expand the art community in her country, Thailand, as well as abroad toward a better art society.


Artist Statement

I see the beauty of nature is endless and it has been inspired me to produce artworks for series about life on land and under the ocean. My current works are produced through my experience and experimentation with mixed media and paper artworks. My principle medium is paper, but not limited to any kind of paper. Making my work I draw with a knife and create dimension by adjusting different layers. As a mixed media paper artist, I like to transform a flat sheet of paper into a new sculptural work of art. When I work on paper sculpture, I generally start transferring my drawing to the paper, and then carefully cut it by using an X-acto knife. After that I shape, add colors or texture, and build a form. Paper sculpture allows me to play with the light and shadow. When the light shines on it, there will be directional highlights and shadows that create a sense of depth and form. The end result brings up an interactive feeling of transformation that is simply magical.


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Ian Mellor-Crummey

Ian Mellor-Crummey is a graduate of Rice University with a B.A. in Visual and Dramatic Arts and Earth Science. His work has been included in exhibitions at Houston Center of Photography, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Horlock House Art Gallery, Rice University, Spring Street Studios, Baylor College of Medicine, Morgana Gallery, and recognized by the National Scholastic Press Association. He is currently working as an artist in residence at the Horlock House in Navasota, TX as part of The Arts Council’s Navasota Artist In Residence program.


Artist Statement

As a geologist and photographer by training, my passion for the natural sciences has heavily influenced the direction of my artistic work. In pursuit of knowledge, opportunities frequently arise to explore the beauty of the natural world, often in forms unknown to most. My recent project Set in Stone represents this intersection of information and aesthetic, being composed of photomicrographs of thin sections of rock. It explores the beauty of naturally formed mineral crystal structures at the grain-sized scale while retaining the promise of information elusive to the untrained eye. To that end, education is not the goal. I seek to inspire curiosity and wonder in the natural world, as the questions generated from within are far more interesting than information simply provided.

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Zachary Thomas

Zachary Thomas

Zach grew up in Louisville, Colorado and obtained a Bachelor of Arts, with a Studio Painting Concentration, from Colorado State University in 2014. Zach hopes that during his residency he can focus on creating a body of work that in its concept and execution can be representative of who he is as a person and artist at this time in his life. Having grown up in a small community, Zach understands the importance of the arts and having art resources and outlets available. Zach looks forward to making connections within the Brazos Valley region and keeping the presence of contemporary art strong.


Artist Statement

The pictorial and conceptual ideas conveyed in my work have often been expressed through a personal lens. What is a very therapeutic and meditative process for myself I hope has a similar effect on the viewer. My goal in creating a body of work or even a single piece is to give the audience something that is aesthetically engaging, but will also feed the soul upon further examination. Using the simplest of tools, I try to execute this approach by utilizing symbols, mark making, color mixing and composing to communicate an interpretation of my own inner life. Due to the personal nature of my work, however, it is not meant to be understood in a formal or academic way, but rather to be internalized by the viewer to feel the works subjective effect on them as an individual. The overall vision for my artwork is an honest attempt to celebrate what it is I love about drawing and painting as well as using those aspects of the medium to reveal the truth of my experience.


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