Navasota Texas Birthday Bash, March 2nd



Our week of blog ‘catch-ups’ continues… and we’re only at the beginning of March!

On Saturday, March 2nd, Navasota Artists-in-Residence celebrated Texas Independence Day (& the start of the Spring Residency) at Texas Independence Day with Texas Birthday Bash in Downtown Navasota!


Thanks to Emily Gainey, Brad Stafford, and the all-star incredible maintenance crew (a special shout-out to Pat & Dom!) for making the event so amazing.

We hosted a kids activity table, making thumbprint bluebonnets, in addition to our artwork booth. It was a great day to celebrate!



‘My Fair Lady’ Art Show: Bryan, March 2019

On Friday, March 1st, Rebecca Dias attended the ‘My Fair Lady’ Bryan Contemporary Artist Show opening at the Bryan Theater Alliance, in correlation to the ongoing ‘My Fair Lady’ musical performance.

All works submitted in the show related to the theme of the play My Fair Lady. Please view Rebecca’s piece & description below:


The Dress-Up Game – a portrait of the artist as Eliza Doolittle, by Rebecca Dias: Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 20 inches, $250

This painting reflects a portrait of the artist as Eliza Doolittle, as represented in the film My Fair Lady (1964). The artist is interested in My Fair Lady as a coming-of-age story, in which Eliza’s character embodies the conflict of her identity as she learns new expectations of gender, social, and class performance, in contrast to the freedom of her ‘pre-domesticated’ self. The portrait is silent, as Eliza’s own voice is lost, found, replaced, hidden, and rediscovered throughout the story of ‘My Fair Lady.’


Round Top Reminder! & Gallery Schedule

Just a reminder that we have reduced hours this weekend at the Horlock Gallery, with half-days Saturday & Sunday. For a gallery appointment, please contact Rebecca at (480) 205-0792.

Or even better… come see us at Zapp Hall! Be a friend… and bring a friend… to our NAIR booth @Zapp! (We’ll be here till April 6th!)

Zapp Hall Flyer

Chamber Awards Banquet: Feb. 28th

On February 28th, Apinya and Rebecca attended the Grimes County Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet. Apinya and Rebecca each donated one piece of artwork to the live auction as part of the Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser.

Thank you to Johnny, Caitlyn, the Chamber of Commerce Board, and everyone who contributed to the evening to make the event such a beautiful success. It was a fantastic fiesta!


Farewell, Hannah! & Welcome Spring 2019 Residency


In February, Navasota Artist-in-Residence Hannah Duggan returned to her home in Georgia, upon the completion of the Fall Residency Term. Hannah is an amazing artist, and we are excited for her next adventure in Graduate School, for her MFA, but we will miss her!

Artists Rebecca Dias and Apinya Srikhwanthong both were able to extend their residency terms. Apinya is the first NAIR to be able to stay for 3 consecutive terms! Apinya and Rebecca have been working on a collaborative project, and are both looking forward to Spring Residency in Navasota.

I (Rebecca) asked Hannah and Apinya a few questions about the residency before Hannah left. Here are the answers they shared!

  1. What were you most proud of from this residency?
Hannah: Accomplishing my goals for the 30-day painting series that I had planned for this residency. It was a lot of work, but worth the effort!
Apinya: The George Bush event, 4141 Train Series & artwork to honor the former president. I also accomplished my goal to make paper sculpture portraits. It’s a once in-a-lifetime experience to capture/ commemorate the experience in the city of Navasota.

4141 Train_Navasota_Apinya_04



2. Where are you headed next?

Hannah: Back to my home in Georgia, and then to graduate school!
Apinya: San Francisco~or else, extending the residency here in Navasota!


3. What surprised you the most about Navasota or the residency?

Hannah:  In January, we took a trip to Marfa… and managed to make a road trip across Texas (in the snow).
Apinya: The community has surprised me the most because people here are so nice, they are like family, which is different than San Francisco! I felt touched by the love and support for the residency here~they made us feel like we were part of Navasota!


4. How do you think this residency helped you to grow as an artist?

Hannah: This residency gave me an opportunity to independently develop my own vision for a large-scale project, gave me time to complete this type of project.
Apinya: A lot! Working in the gallery was like an internship, learning how to do marketing, manage art shows, coordinating with fellow artists, promoting exhibitions, shows & sales.


5. What was one of your favorite things about Texas?

Hannah: I really enjoyed exploring the East Austin Studio Tours! There was a lot of great artwork there.
Apinya: I love so many things in Texas! This is a hard question. I love the Texas bluebonnet, Texas landscape, Texas wildflowers, Texas Indian paintbrush, which is reflected in my work. The Texas Mushroom Festival was a great opportunity and experience as well! I have loved Life in the countryside since this is my first time living in the countryside ever~it has been so peaceful and inspiring.

Oops! We’ve been busy… & Upcoming April Events

Spring 2019 Artist Residency started in March–and has been our busiest month yet! For the next week, we’ll be posting daily to catch you up on what we’ve been up to.

Looking ahead to April (in case you haven’t heard!) we’ll be at Round Top–more specifically, Zapp Hall in Warrenton for the Spring Antique Show, March 29th-April 6th. We’ll have reduced gallery hours from now to April 6th, but regular hours will resume on Wednesday, April 10th. We hope to see you soon!

April Upcoming Events:

Zapp Hall Spring Antique Show in Warrenton, March 29-April 6th:

Bryan Art FairSaturday, April 13th, 10am-6pm – Downtown Bryan:

Groovy GrapesSaturday, April 20th, 2pm-6pm – Downtown Navasota:


NOTICE: NAIRS@Round Top! & Horlock Gallery Special Schedule 3/27-4/7

Visit NAIRS Rebecca & Apinya at ZAPP Hall in Warrenton, Spring Antiques Show 3/29-4/6. Look for Art3 & B. King @Zapp Hall, near the Zapp Hall courtyard. See our latest artwork, have lunch at historic Royers Cafe, and stay for a fantastic concert series lineup at Zapp Hall–& don’t forget Junk GYpSy JUNK-o-RAMA Prom night Thursday, April 4th!

Follow us on our Facebook page for event updates!

Please note that the NAIR Horlock Gallery at 1215 E Washington Ave in Navasota will have reduced hours during Texas Antiques week March 27th-April 7th, in order to allow the artists to represent the Gallery remotely at this special event.


Special Schedule: March 27th-April 7th

  • Wednesday 3/27: Closed (Round Top Setup)
  • Thursday 3/28: Closed (Round Top Setup)
  • Friday 3/29: OPEN – Halfday
  • Saturday 3/30: OPEN – Halfday
  • Sunday 3/31: OPEN – Halfday
  • Wednesday 4/3: Closed
  • Thursday 4/4: Closed
  • Friday 4/5: OPEN – Halfday
  • Saturday 4/6: Closed (Last Day of Round Top Festival)
  • Sunday 4/7: OPEN – Halfday

The Horlock Gallery is also always available by appointment. Please call (480) 205-0792 to schedule a gallery appointment.

NAIR artwork may also be viewed at City Hall, open to the public during Business Hours M-F.

We’ll see you at ZAPP!

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.53.21 PM


Notice: Gallery Closure, February 2019

Please note that the Horlock Gallery will be closed to visitors for the month of February 2019, in order to allow for the semi-annual turnover of Artists-in-Residence for the program.

To arrange an appointment, or for specific questions or concerns, please contact the Arts Council of Brazos Valley via phone 979-696-2787 or email: INFO@ACBV.ORG.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Horlock Gallery Final Opening for Fall Residents, January 26th, 2019

Our last art opening for the Fall Artists-in-Residence program occurred on Saturday, January 26th from 2-4pm. We had a wonderful turnout! Thank you to the Arts Council of Brazos Valley, who graciously assisted us in hosting and promoting this event, as well as to the many Arts Council visitors from College Station.

Also, thank you to the many local Navasota residents, including Pattie Pederson with The Gallery in Downtown Navasota, members of the Garden Club, and Two Rivers Heritage Foundation, who were also able to attend. We were grateful to have the historical ‘Best Museum’ at the Horlock History Center open as well for the occasion!

It was a bittersweet celebration for the artists, since this has been such a rich experience personally and professionally for each of them in different ways. Rebecca Dias was honored to have her family visiting–Robin Dias and Bill Gillen from Phoenix, Arizona, as well as her sister Elizabeth Dias from Washington, D.C.

Lastly, we would like to thank Johnny and Lisé McNally for playing incredible music for the event, and Matt with the Navasota Examiner for stopping by!

Check out some of our event photos below!

Final Art Exhibition, Fall Residency 2018-19: Saturday, 1/26@2pm

Horlock Gallery: Final Art Exhibition, Fall Residency 2018/19

Saturday, January 26th, 2pm-4pm
Live Music with Johnny and Lisé McNally!
*Live music 2-4pm, Gallery will remain open until 6pm.

Horlock Gallery (google maps link):

1215 E Washington Ave, Navasota, TX 77868

Artists-in-Residence Apinya Srikhwanthong, Hannah Duggan, and Rebecca Dias, along with the Arts Council of Brazos Valley and City of Navasota, invite you to attend the final exhibition and farewell for the Fall Artist Residency 2018/19. The Best Museum will be open for the event. We look forward to your attendance!