Local Connections: ‘Respect’ at Texas A&M’s Wright Gallery

On September 11th, Navasota Artists-in-Residence visited Texas A&M’s Wright Gallery for the opening of ‘Respect’ by Jenn Hassin, a U.S. Air Force veteran and professional artist. Her installation uses papers made from the fabric of recycled veteran and civilian uniforms to explore the significance, values, and interpretations associated with people serving in the military.

We were honored to have a chance to visit this opening on September 11th. Thank you, Texas A&M and Jenn Hassin for collaborating to host this exhibit.

The Wright Gallery, located at Texas A&M’s Langford Architecture Center, will continue to host the exhibit until October 29th. For more information, check out KAGS article on the exhibit here.


Welcome, and Welcome Back!

Welcome, & Welcome back… most places it’s back-to-school, but for us, it’s back-to-art!

For our blog series kickoff (pardon the pun, Aggieland!), we asked each artist 2 questions: (1) What did you do this summer break? (2) What were you looking forward to most about Navasota? See our answers below:

Apinya: I went home to San Francisco, I got to see my family (they visited from Thailand!), and we went to the Muir Woods National Monument. I also got to see my cat, Pebbles, who has been staying with my friend while I’ve been in Texas. I also went to the Dallas Museum of Art on my way back to Navasota.

In this residency, I want to try to make a larger body of work, perhaps even an installation, and explore figurative and portrait work in addition to paper sculpture.

Rebecca: This summer, I got to attend a painting workshop in Sedona with abstract mixed-media artist Joan Fullerton. I also spent some time with friends in Los Angeles, and visited my sister in Washington D.C. When I was accepted to the residency here, I had to quit my art-teaching position of the last 3 years. I will miss my students, but I am very excited and honored to have this opportunity to pursue my artwork full-time.

I think I am most looking forward to having time to paint (all day, every day–as much as I can)! In addition, I’m excited to explore more of the area. On my way here from Phoenix, I drove through Marfa, Texas, where I was able to tour Chinati and artist Donald Judd’s estate at the Judd Foundation. I’m looking forward to learning more about Texas and the culture, community, and history of art here.

Hannah: This summer, I attended a 7-week artist’s residency at Chautauqua School of Art in Chautauqua, New York, with 38 other artists. It was an amazing experience!

I am looking forward to working on a painting-a-day series for 30 days–I started September 1st, so I’m actually on day 12 already! I’m also looking forward to preparing for graduate school while I’m here.

Also, last Thursday, we were able to attend the Arts Council of Brazos Valley Gala and Auction (Wizard-of-Oz Theme) with the City of Navasota. We were so excited to hear about the ACBV’s new location, and all that they are doing to promote the arts in the Brazos Valley. Thank you for supporting and including us!


Greetings, Navasota! The Horlock Gallery opens again…

Artists Apinya, Hannah, and Rebecca are excited to announce the Gallery opening day, TODAY, Wednesday, September 5th!

Our fall hours are Wednesday through Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm (for tours and appointments, please contact info@acbv.org). Occasionally, we may close or relocate for special events–check our Facebook for updates.

Navasota Examiner WelcomeAlso, a special thank you to the City Council for welcoming us last week, and to Connie Clements, for covering our visit to the City Council in the Navasota Examiner. We are honored to be here, and looking forward to the next 6 months in Navasota!

Photo credit: Photo from Navasota Examiner Article August 2018, by Connie Clements, http://www.navasotaexaminer.com/news/article_0f685a9e-ab0e-11e8-b95a-47cae2fd04c6.html?mode=image&photo=0

June acrylic, ink and digital photograph collage on board. I used photographs taken a few years ago from the area I grew up in to make this piece about how I relate to my surrounding environment. Participating in this residency has been the longest stretch of time I have ever spent away from Colorado, so this work was a chance to reflect on how intertwined my identity can be with my memories which have largely occurred in the same environment over the years.

June watercolor, acrylic and ink on paper. This painting/illustration is about how at times simply looking up and taking in the greater workings of the natural world can provide necessary perspective amidst the overwhelming ups and downs of day to day life. Personally, I know I can tend to be in my own head far too much, but reminding myself of the macro, the larger view of what’s going on beyond my own thoughts, lessons the weight of anxiety and stress.


acrylic and ink on digital photography 1- what you did and the effect it had on me 2- what I needed from you and what I didn’t get 3- what I learned from you. The titles for these pieces came from a visualization exercise my friend who is a therapist was telling me about one day. After giving some thought to the prompts, I decided to paint the figures with them in mind, both in terms of myself as well as people in my life I’ve been close to. I had taken the photographs of the window glass a few months prior because I enjoyed the different ways it looked depending on the time of day and weather outside. Upon thinking about the idea for the triptych I thought it would be neat to use some of those photos that maybe in an abstract way could correspond with the titles.