Apinya and I have completed our mural at Webb Elementary! We want to thank the school for inviting us to create this project and truly enjoyed the experience.


“Passive Happiness” – a new acrylic and ink piece. While trying to engage my interest in the aesthetics of combining abstract painting and cartoon art (as depicted, Krazy Kat is one of my favorite comics of all time) I wanted to use those aesthetics to create a picture that deals with issues of pleasure seeking, instant gratification and self abusiveness.


Creative Paper Collage in Artist Connect Workshops

On March 20-21, 2018, I have done Artist Connect Workshops at Brule Elementary in Navasota and Crockett Elementary School in Bryan. As a mixed media paper artist, my workshops were about ‘Paper Collage’ introducing students to a technique of assembling various pieces of paper to create an artwork. Kids were excited to learn how to collage in different themes; food, fruit, ice cream, monster, and bunny. We had fun cutting and gluing color papers together and below are some pictures from the workshops.

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Rocking Navasota with Art!

On the 4th Friday of March we painted rocks at the Gallery Downtown and now the rocks are hiding around Navasota for you to seek! If you found an Art Rock, please take a picture of you with the Art Rock and post it on the “Rocking Navasota with Art” Facebook group page. You can keep the rock and create another art rock for someone else to find, or you can hide the rock by releasing it into the wilds of downtown Navasota for another hunter to find. Let’s rock Navasota and have fun with art!


First Time Teaching Art

So I recently got the opportunity to teach K-6 art at KOR education school in College Station. It was my first time teaching art, but it was actually really fun! It was exciting to see what the kids were making and watch them use their imagination to create things. Our first lesson was learning about the color wheel and how to mix paint to create new colors. While we didn’t stick to the plan 100%, I think the results were pretty great!