Photographing Navasota

Coming to Navasota from Houston, I had some plans for what I wanted to photograph during the residency, but knew very little about the town itself. Upon actually coming here, I became fascinated with the historic buildings, and particularly, the churches. The variety of stained glass they contained, both old and new, traditional and more contemporary, drew¬† my attention. In my senior year at Rice University, I created a photo series called Set In Stone, made up of photographs of thin-sections of rock printed on transparency and mounted in custom frames that backlit the images. One of the most common comments I received from those who viewed it was that they looked like stained glass. Moving onward from that project, I continued to work with transparency, and Navasota’s churches provided a perfect subject to utilize the medium. I already have a few pieces showcasing some of the stained glass and churches in town on display at the Horlock House, but I have many more in the works. Stop by and take a look!1K0A7270IMG_9499


But Today, You See, Is A New Day – acrylic & ink on canvas – This work, a sunrise view out of my bedroom window here at The Horlock House, developed layer by layer over a longer stretch of time than I typically create pieces from start to finish. This extended time to sit with the picture gave my initial idea room to grow and maturate into what is posted here below. While the finished piece is essentially a carrying out of what first inspired me, I made some decisions in the process that I feel added more to it both visually and conceptually. The text around the border of the canvas is a collection of excerpts from my personal writings in several years worth of sketchbooks.


Creative Paper Collage in Artist Connect Workshops

On March 20-21, 2018, I have done Artist Connect Workshops at Brule Elementary in Navasota and Crockett Elementary School in Bryan. As a mixed media paper artist, my workshops were about ‘Paper Collage’ introducing students to a technique of assembling various pieces of paper to create an artwork. Kids were excited to learn how to collage in different themes; food, fruit, ice cream, monster, and bunny. We had fun cutting and gluing color papers together and below are some pictures from the workshops.

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Rocking Navasota with Art!

On the 4th Friday of March we painted rocks at the Gallery Downtown and now the rocks are hiding around Navasota for you to seek! If you found an Art Rock, please take a picture of you with the Art Rock and post it on the “Rocking Navasota with Art” Facebook group page. You can keep the rock and create another art rock for someone else to find, or you can hide the rock by releasing it into the wilds of downtown Navasota for another hunter to find. Let’s rock Navasota and have fun with art!