Finished wall painting


Here is a picture I snapped just as I finished the wall painting at Barbara Davis Gallery. The show is up till August 30th. So thankful I am participating in the residency while I worked on preparations for this and the paintings that accompany it.

Owen Drysdale


Upcoming show.

Hello everyone. As mentioned in a previous post I will be part of an exhibition in Houston on July 11th at Barbara Davis Gallery. The press release just came out and I am very excited to get to work installing the show in the next few days.


Press release:–owen-drysdale.html

Owen Drysdale

Great news.

Just received word a few days ago that two of my mixed media drawings will be featured in a exhibition in Dallas. I am looking forward to showing in the city for a second time and browsing the work of others who are included, it seems I am paired with some talented people.

Come out if you happen to be in the area for


Saturday, June 28th, 6-8pm

Galleri Urbane Dallas 
Open 11-5 Tuesday-Saturday Or By Appointment
2277 Monitor St., Dallas, Tx. 75207   

Ph. 325.226.8015–upcoming-dallas.html

Owen Drysdale

Still working out ideas for new drawings and trying to establish a composition for the wall drawing and of course, still painting. However, in the down time I have been reading–

This is a really great book that many universities use in contemporary art history courses. Understanding the context in which you are making is important to producing thoughtful work. The book is organized by either content or approach and offers artist writings and interviews. It has been a good research tool for me to find out about new artists, the issues they think are important and how they address content within their work.

The preview of this is pretty inclusive, too.

Owen Drysdale

Sheet rock experiements



The Open Studio Event went very well. Thanks to everyone who made it out. If you attended you probably saw these in my studio. I have been invited to participate in a group exhibition at Barbra Davis Gallery that opens July 11th. I will be doing a wall painting on a wall that measures 10′ by 10′. To prepare I am working on sheet rock to mimic the texture and proportions of space I will be working on. Close ups and color studies to come.

Owen Drysdale

Another one in the works


Been working to get this new panel built (with the help of Mike’s carpentry skills) and prepped . I’m looking forward to experimenting more with a new sanding technique I mentioned in a previous post. The goal is to emulate the gestural marks made when wet sanding layers of paint off a painting. Also, in the photo you can see my “easel”. It is simply drywall screws set at varying heights and I taped up some plastic up to the wall to keep the wall clean. The setup is cheap and takes up minimal space. Unlike a traditional easel, I can see how it will look hanging on the wall and the wobble that easels can sometimes have is avoided.

More pictures to come when it is complete.

In other news, the Open Studio is this Saturday at 5:30-8pm catering courtesy of The Filling Station!

See you Saturday!

Owen Drysdale