What 5 months feels like when you are 24.

Today is the last day for me to live at the Horlock House in Navasota. Im moving back to Denton tomorrow to finish school and pick back up with my life there. I have met so many great people over the last 5 months here. I wanted to thank everyone who supported me in the things I make. I will be back in March for my show at the Sead Gallery. See everyone then. -Mick

Here is a link to 9 new paintings.


Houston With Donny Hall.

My good friend Donny Hall lives in Bryan but produces rap music videos for rappers all over the world. Before I go further here is an example of his credentials . He called this morning and asked if I wanted to go with him to shoot a video in Houston, of course I wanted to. I really like rap music and it feel stupid sometimes but I cannot shake this particular preference. So here is a group of photos from today. Big Thank You to Donny.

Before I started building

This was the work I was making when I began my Sophomore year at U.N.T. This series continued for atleast two years and eventually led to murals of stacked buildings. I focus primarily on building now but still reference architecture in my built work. I just wanted to share what my work looked like before building when I would paint on flat surfaces.

Waco Cultural Arts Festival

I recently finished a wall in Waco for the Cultural Arts Festival that started last weekend. The wall was the hardest wall I have ever painted in that the surface was nowhere near smooth. I would have to use rollers and then come back with a brush on each section stabbing paint into the deeper spots. However this wall taught me alot about my process and just about art in general. There was no real set plan as to what was going to be painted on the wall just a few months of collecting paint when I saw a color I liked. When I started painting I realized it was not me painting a wall it was the wall allowing me to paint it. Some things were possible and some things where not, and also somethings that would not have worked on a regular wall worked on this one. I had a bit of a breakdown on the first hour of the first day during this revelation. Then I considered my options and there were none except to keep going. Keeping going would mean I just had to do what I always do and thats paint. So i began “painting” and decision making and during this conscious and sub-conscious episode of painting I would also stop and have interactions and conversations with people curious about what I was painting. In my work I believe my sub-conscious is one of my greatest tools, so each interaction with a person before a decisions affects the decisions made on the wall. So each person who would stop and ask me what I was painting became part of what I was painting. It was a festival about culture and arts in Waco and I could not be more satisfied with the end result of the wall, it became something more than I could have imagined. It became a visual conversation from all the people I had interaction with who were interested in art. Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this wall.  IMG_4611-2

Photo By Derek Byrne