Hey everyone,

I just want to thank you all for the opportunity. We got a lot accomplished during our time in Navasota.  Now it is time for the next step in life, grad school.

Also, be on the look out. The majority of my new work will be on display for a show starting the first week of September at Art Palace

Thanks for everything,

Michael Villarreal


Out of my mind!



I’ve gone through about 50 lbs of plaster to build up the surface of this panel (on floor). The thing is heavy as hell! Going to have to buy more to accomplish the other two. Hopefully they come out the way I envision because it was an intense process. Also, it’s probably about time to start looking for a different alternative material.

Michael Villarreal

Hunting Art Prize 2014

395439_3070993256700_428568863_n          2012_MVillarreal_Popo.jpg


Left: Brushes of Fury” (self-portrait). 2011. Oil on Canvas. 72 by 48 by 2 1/2 inches

Right: Popo. 2012. Oil on canvas. 55 by 45 by 2 1/2 inches

It’s crazy to see the changes within your own work. Early in my practice I have never thought my preferred taste would be what it is today. But it’s so hard to be caught up in the same ole tradition and you start to see everything you’ve been doing in the past wind up becoming boring. I’m still one who likes to push a portrait  and today I’ll use as much paint as I can to sculpt a face as close to the likeness of whoever I’m painting.


Above you’ll see a painting from 2011 and another a year later. Popo made it into the finals for the Hunting Art Prize 2014. The reception is held tonight and there is a selection of one winner out of 100 artist. That one person will receive 50,000 dollars.

Wish me luck.

Michael Villarreal