A Year in Photos

Almost a year ago I found myself loading up both mine and my parents cars to make the 9+ hour trek to Navasota, TX for the next chapter in my life. At the time I knew I wanted to stay in Texas when it was all over, but I never knew the real impact this experience would have on me as both an artist and a person.

What started out as a 6-month residency in a place I had never heard of turned into a year-long residency in a place I called home.  Over the course of this past year I have found myself calling both Navasota and Bryan/College Station home, and I am very sad to be leaving the Horlock House. But don’t fret, I will be staying close by – I have a new place in Bryan that I have been moving into this past week.

I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year and what better way than in the form of photos.


The first painting I completed in my residency. 


Florescence – A knitted ball sculpture that started me on a new path


And the first of many ball sculpture paintings.

Going back to landscapes in the form of small, wood paintings.

Going back to landscapes in the form of small, wood paintings.

I found myself in unexpected places - Mic Check Poetry - where I have been helping out selling merch as well as learning to write my own words.

I found myself in unexpected places – Mic Check Poetry – where I have been helping out selling merch as well as learning to write my own words.

And then this happened and everything began to change. I went bigger and bolder and started making trees.

And then this happened and everything began to change. I went bigger and bolder and started making trees.

I met some amazing people along the way also !

I met some amazing people along the way also !

and worked with some amazing, talented kids.

and worked with some amazing, talented kids.

My paintings became more evolved and experimental

My paintings became more evolved and experimental


And I found myself becoming an installation artist with hopes that it will continue to grow.

 I made two more paintings in July/Early August to finish up my time here.

I made two more paintings in July/Early August to finish up my time here.


Getting a little darker, a little more experimental and sad that I can’t continue to make more.


But as they say, all good things must come to an end.

I wanted to do a quick shout out to all the people who made this past year a huge success! City of Navasota, The Arts Council of Brazos Valley, Mic Check Poetry, The City of Navasota Maintenance crew, Guerilla Art Takeover, everyone in Downtown Bryan, WC Mercantile and the Sunday Knit Ladies, Brazos Valley Knitting Guild, and all of our visitors, buyers and friends who have been here through it all. Thank you so so much for a lovely year.


PS – if you want to keep up with me and my art, I can be found at:

My Personal Website 

Navasota to Kansas

If you’ve been following my art page, or even the Horlock page, you will have probably seen that I have a solo exhibition opening this week in my home town of Salina. So naturally I had to travel home to hang it all and it being summer, it has become a “mini vacation” for me from the residency.

The trip home, driving, takes approximately 9-10 hours (without stops). One CAN do it in one day, but I choose NOT to do it in one day, breaking it up by staying over near the OK/TX border. And since I break it up, that allows for extra time to check out art along the way.

Sunday I left around 10:30 with plans to stop in Dallas for the Dallas Art Museum. I was able to hit Dallas by 1:00 and made it to the Contemporary and the Art Museum.


Photos clockwise from top left: Raymond Johnson (very inspiring!) at DMA, David Salle at Contemporary, Modrian’s art from oldest to  newest, Downtown Dallas had a beautiful park!, And ANILA QUAYYUM AGHA at the Dallas Contemporary (I want to knit here!)

After leaving Dallas I set my sights for Ardmore, OK where I had booked a motel for the night.

The next morning I woke up earlier that I expected and did a bit of research. I found out there is a contemporary art gallery in OKC and since I was traveling through there anyway decided to stop. I am so happy I did because they had THE MOST AMAZING outdoor installation !


“terra” Woven rope outdoor installation by Orly Genger. It has been there since last October and you can see where the grass has started to take it over. Also if you get on Instagram and look up #OrlyinOKC there are some really cool photos of people interacting with it.

I finally arrived back in Salina later that night and these guys were awaiting me upon arrival.
The grey guy is Gizmo, our newest kitty and Sasha is our oldest. She promptly jumped in my basket.

I was also able to visit my college town, Manhattan, yesterday and catch up with some old friend. It really felt like nothing had changed.

Downtown Manhattan from the patio at a restaraunt, and two of my best friends – David and Griselda.

I set up my show tomorrow and cannot wait to reconnect with everyone at the reception. I am also lucky enough to have family flying in from Virginia to take their vacation while I am home. I plan to have a good, restful yet eventful next 5ish days.

I’m heading back to Navasota starting next Tuesday and plan to visit Tulsa and Dallas again along the way. The only really good thing about the drive is that there are so many art places between Navasota and Kansas.

Also a quick shoutout that I got an iPhone last month and these photos were all taken with it. I love having a decent camera phone for once! Follow me on Instagram as Lisa-24-7 to see more updates on my life and art!



Taking Root

Now that our Open House has come and gone I am a more confident about sharing my newest works with the world.
I wanted to start with a huge thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday and the amazing words of encouragement and applause that were shared among everyone. I know that I feel much better about my work knowing that everyone seems to really appreciate it.

That being said, onto my newest works.

As of late I have been very interested in more specific nature items, mainly the Tree and all of it’s crazy limbs and branches and the ways it is portrayed in fantasy books and movies. Maybe you remember This post from my first go round in the residency and how it led me to the ball sculptures. I had originally wanted to experiment with trees and that point, but I wasn’t confident enough to do it.  I spent a good portion of Dec-Feb meandering around in ideas until I finally gave in and decided to go back to those tree concepts.

It started with this painting, which was a rough idea of where I wanted to go. Experimenting with viewpoints, deeper colors and bringing a  few clouds forward. This painting quickly became my favorite, and also quickly sold!

Beneath Wandering Thoughts

Beneath Wandering Thoughts

After this painting took off, I knew I wanted more trees. But “real” trees this time (not just small balls hanging from my studio ceiling with pipe cleaner stems) and I began making mini trees with oven bake clay.


The trees were done, but what was the painting going to be? I was completely out of ideas at that point. I mean BONE DRY. And then I randomly rented “How to Train your Dragon 2” and this popped up during the credits.

And that led to this:

Broken Amber Haze

Broken Amber Haze

I had been wanting to find a way to bring the clouded, glazed background forward and this was a the perfect opportunity. Safe to say that it went perfect, I could not be happier with where I ended up on this one. It’s also bigger than my older works – 50 x 40 – and I am going to keep working this size (despite them not fitting in my buick century anymore).

My next piece wasn’t going to be “floating” but as I started, it just sorta of happened and now I am planning a whole series around the “Floating islands with trees” idea,.

Frozen Summer Harve

Frozen Summer Harvest

What will my next painting be? I haven’t decided yet. I want to keep making more tree paintings, but I also have some shows coming up that need smaller works and these subjects are better suited for large scale. But if I have my way there will be at least one more large tree painting while I am here.

Oh and don’t forget! I made a giant tree too! He will get his own post in the next week or so but I will leave you with a brief photo.



One week countdown!

I realized this past week that I haven’t posted on here in a long time. My main reasoning has mostly been that I wanted to get things completely done before sharing – I haven’t felt like ruining the surprise.
And I still don’t, especially with open house one week away! So instead I am going to give you little peeks at what you can expect from me for my SECOND open house.

First off, a battle plan for my gallery space. If all goes according to this plan there will be nothing hanging up that was shown at the last open house.


And now onto the art!

Whispering Dawn Thunder

Whispering Dawn Thunder One of three (used to be four, but one sold) small oil painting that will be shown.

Broken Amber Haze

Broken Amber Haze One of two large oil paintings that will be by the fireplace. I’m focusing on knitted trees now!

One of four oil on wood studies of the knitted trees.

One of four oil on wood studies of the knitted trees.

One of three new gouache paintings that I've been working on.

One of three new gouache paintings that I’ve been working on.


And a close up of my EPIC knitted tree. You HAVE to see this in person!

So if you want to see what all this art actually looks like, Come by the Horlock House on Saturday, May 30th (next week!) from 2:30 – 5. Trust me, it’s gonna be awesome!


PS – for those interested, I am now on instagram. You can follow me at Lisa_24_7.

Young Artists at Work

As many of you know, I re-applied an decided to stay in the residency for another six months. Something you may not know is that I have also been teaching as the main educator for the Arts Council. So far this has mainly involved doing Art After School on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Prior to this position, I had never been the lead teacher in a classroom before – I have worked with kids multiple times, but I’ve always had someone ahead of me – so I was a bit nervous. The first couple of weeks were a bit rough, I won’t lie. But slowly the kids have learned to behave and I have learned to adapt. Now I am sad that I only have 2 more weeks left!

I haven’t gotten many photos, but I wanted to share a few of our projects from this year. The good photos were taken by the council, the “crappy” ones by my phone.


One of our first projects was abstract art and color studies. We made black glue outlines and filled them in with acrylic paint.


In an attempt to teach the kiddos some 3d art, we made Calder mobiles one week. That was a fun week – everyone really enjoyed it!

Image03312015174913Two weeks ago we went outside. I asked the kids to draw windows or portholes to somewhere they’d like to go, emmulating the ideas of popular street/sidewalk artists. They really liked making a mess with the chalk !

This past Tuesday we looked at Georgia O’keefe and her close up flowers. This was probably one of my favorite classes so far. Each kid interpreted the project in a different way,but all still made amazing art. It was so much fun to teach them new ways to apply their paint and watch as they got excited seeing each other try new things. Image04072015170810Image04072015170755Image04072015170741

Overall, I really love my job right now. I have two weeks left and then a break until Summer Camps. If you have an elementary aged child and need a fun place to send them this summer, we will be offering lots of camps, a couple taught by me! Go to The Arts Council page for more info.

My OTHER Hobby

So the abundance of free time during my residency has allowed me to get a lot done besides painting. As you should all know by now, I am also a knitter. Being a knitter is something I take pride in – my passion for yarn, color, patterns and design is something I don’t hide.

Although not a part of my actual “portfolio” I have been knitting away these past 6 months, with the help of the Local Yarn shop and the Sunday “Sit n’ Knit” of course!

I wanted the chance to show off all the knitted items I have made so far here in Navasota.


Feather and Fan Hand-dyed shawl – Sept 2014


Chevron Cowl – Sept 2014 (Started prior to arrival)


Spiral/Striped Hat – Sept 2014

Hand-dyed Crochet Cowl – October 2014


Felted Colorwork Cat Hat – October 2014


Scotland Yarn Scarf – December 2014 (My movie theater knitting project!)


Cat hat and mittens for my sister for her B-day – December 2014


Brother’s Christmas gift hat – handspun brim – 2014


Slipped stitch socks – January 2015


Extra Sock yarn hat – Jan 2015

Short-row sweater – Feb 2015 (Started in Oct)


Midnight Surf Socks – Designed by me – Feb 2015


Seed Stitch Cowl – Feb 2015 (movie theater project)


Textured Socks – March 2015 (designed by me)


Neon Cowl for sister-in-law (to be) Birthday – Feb 2015


Cabled Open Tank – March 2015 (just finished sunday!)

Can you tell I’ve been busy ?


Greatest Painting Yet

Hi again! I am happy to report that I finished up a painting yesterday. I’m really happy with this one – it’s probably my best one to date. I decided to share it in all of it’s stages, from beginning to end.  (All photos except the last were taken with my not-smart phone, so they aren’t amazing photos).











Ok. So I don’t have a title for it yet, and I still need to write a poem. And the above finished photo isn’t perfect. But seriously, how is this not the best painting that I have made? 🙂


Art and Poems.

I realized tonight as I was driving back from Bryan and Mic Check Poetry (which, BTW, if you haven’t been to, you need to. It’s amazing!) that I haven’t actually shared my most recent art and poems with the followers of our blog and residency. I also haven’t updated this thing in forever. Thus, a good excuse to share some art and poems.

Melted Spring Shore

Take me back

To the days when the beach was soft
And the moon was bright

When water flowed free
Both day and night

Take me back

To your golden sand
That melts and fades

With stones of fire
Carefully laid

Take me back

To my happy place
My oasis
My solitude

My Home

Dead Blue Laugh

Let’s sit in the corner and dream

Dream that the very ropes that trap you
Will free you

Dream that the red sun will calm down enough to
Stop the melting

Dream that one day there will be

Happy, roaring laughter

Painted blue and violet
And the colors of freedom

The same laughter that has
Choked, bound and ensnared you

Forcing you into this corner

Never to escape.


The world is beautiful.

Or so we’re told.

Well than,
Maybe he’s beautiful?

Tall and mighty,
Proud and free

They come to greet
With love in their eyes
And passion in their words

He listens and smiles
As they sing his praise
Never knowing their hidden intent

Ropes emerge
from deep below
High above
All around

His smile drupes
As cords of power
Take him over

He has let the
Words and songs
Lure him into their plan

They pull with ease
To inveigle the king
From power and grace

Leading him away
Freeing the world.


I finished all of these new works about a month ago, and wrote the poems at the same time. I was really wanting to push my boundaries on the story telling and bring even more meaning into my words. I think that I was able to do that with these three and I can only hope my future ones will be just as strong.


PS – Seriously, go to Mic Check! Sunday’s 8:30 pm, Revolution bar in DT Bryan. If I hadn’t started going, I wouldn’t be writing poems for my art.