So Long, Farewell, and Thank you.

Wow!  Six months has come and gone so quickly!  Coming here I had many goals that I wanted to accomplish.  I’m happy to say I accomplished most of them.  This was an amazingly enriching experience for me.

Since arriving in Navasota people keep asking me how I’ve liked it.  I have to say that while it’s different from big city life, I’ve enjoyed the incredible sense of community here.  It was a nice change to get to know my neighbors.  Everyone was very supportive.  If anything made this residency for I would have to say it was the people.  And to those people I say thank you:

Mayor Bert Miller

Councilman Geoff Horn and his wife

City Council of Navasota

Corey Johnson and Rachel Stack

Barbara Henley Walker

Lori Duncan

Jose and Lucy Coronilla and their family, especially Mary

Dom, Steve and Pat – love you guys!

Laura Pasket

Miss Shirley

Connie Clements

Jon Cooley aka Ol’ Rusty

Mrs. Ganske, Mrs. Ballew and their para staff

Ricki Weinkauf of Navasota Muscle Care

Darrin Hill

My fellow artist and roommate Scotty Gorham – You already know

Last but, not least, Program Manager, Amy Salvaggio – You are an unsung rock star!

Thank you to the Art’s Council of Brazos Valley for the this awesome opportunity.

And to the many people I have encountered in Navasota and Bryan/College Station working to keep art alive in your communities, a great big thank you!

Sunset @ Hillside Park

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One more great big thank you!  Farewell. Onward and Upward.

Peace, Love & Photography 🙂






Art Hour @ Webb Elementary VIII & IX: Celery Rose Stamps & DIY Marble Paper + Farwells

For our  eighth art hour we did some more stamping with produce.  Instead of creating pumpkins with apples we stamped roses with the base of celery.  Using red, purple, and white, the youth learned how to make the colors pink and lavender.  They also learned that adding white to a color produces a tint and adding black to a color produces a shade.  After mixing our tints we dipped or brushed paint onto our celery and pressed them down onto our white card stock.  Then we used individual stalks of celery dipped in green paint to add leaves to our roses.  Some chose to fold their paper, turning into a card for a special valentine.


For our ninth and final art hour, things got a little messy!  We attempted to make our own marbled paper using paint and shaving cream.  First, we sprayed a layer of shaving cream in a baking pan.  Then we added drops of different color paint (this can also be done with food coloring instead of paint).  We swirled the paint into the shaving cream using a craft stick to create a marbled affect.  Once we had a pattern we liked, we pressed our card stock into the shaving cream, making sure it reached the edge on every side.  Then we removed our paper and carefully scraped the shaving cream off, revealing our marbled design!  The youth had incredibly successful results!



Once we had completed our art activity the youth surprised me with thank you cards.  The gesture was so sweet and touched my heart deeply!  Para professional, Mrs. Abke even made me this adorable headband in my favorite color.  I love it!  Thank you!



It was truly my pleasure to create with these youth and their staff.  They had such welcoming and supportive classrooms, it made it easy.  I’m sad to go and only wish we could’ve done more art together!  Sincere gratitude and best wishes to Mrs. Ganske, Mrs. Ballew, and their Life Skills 1 & 2 classes!  I will miss you!


Peace, Love & Art 🙂



Navasota Blues for Open House (Sat. 2/6) 2-4pm)

Navasota Blues is ready to hang for our Open House this Saturday, February 6th, 2-4pm.


Inspired by Navasota’s title as the Blues Capitol of Texas, Navasota Blues contains 12 photographs taken in and around the Navasota area.  Each image is titled with a Mance Lipscomb song.  Combined with live music by local blues band 3 am featuring Mitch White and Misslette, these images are sure to get you in the bluesy mood.


Can’t wait to see you there!

Peace, Love and Photography 🙂



Art Hour @ Webb Elementary VI & VII: Scratch Art & Tape Painting

Welcome 2016!  It’s New Year and time for new art with the Life Skills classes at Webb Elementary.  Our first project was a little longer than normal so we had to do it over two art hours along with a second shorter project.

First a hour back we did some scratch art.  This involved us coloring an entire piece of paper with crayon.  It was important to get a nice thick coating of wax.  We didn’t want any of paper to show beneath.  This took most of our hour and really worked those tiny muscles in our fingers, hands and arms.  Once that was complete we painted over that with black tempura and left it to dry.  That wrapped up our hour and it was necessary to complete it next time.

We started our next art hour finishing our scratch art.  We used a popsicle stick to, you guessed it, scratch away some of our black paint in a New Year’s themed design.  Now our crayon coloring shows through!

For our second project we used large canvas paper and masking/painter’s tape.  Using the tape we made words like our name and shapes like hearts and stars or just abstract lines.  We painted over everything and left it to dry.  Once it’s dry we’ll gently pull off our tape to see our finished images!

Two more fun filled art hours complete!  Which one did you like best?


Peace, Love & Art 🙂


Ode to Texas Autumn

As I mentioned before, I hail from Seattle.  Most people ask, “Doesn’t it rain a lot there?”  Why, yes, as a matter of fact it does.  And the result of that is everything is really green.  Actually, Washington is the Evergreen State.  It’s covered in pine and fir trees.  There are other trees too but predominantly conifers.

One of the best things about living in new places is experiencing the seasons in a different climate.  Upon arriving in Navasota, I immediately became fascinated with the wide variety of trees.  While collecting leaves for an art project with the Reflections Program I took closer notice to the abundance of shapes, sizes and textures.

My love of trees, obsession with textures and experimenting with the contact printing process produced the project now on display in the Horlock Gallery: Ode to Texas Autumn.

Ode to Texas Autumn will be hanging until Sunday January 31st.  Come take a closer look.

Ode to Texas Autumn


As Always,

Peace, Love, and Photography 🙂


Art Hour @ Webb Elementary V: Wintery Snowflake Scene


For our last art hour for 2015 we created a winter scenes.  To create our background we first drew our snow with white crayon on our white paper.  Our invisible snow came to life when we added cool tone watercolors to our paper.  While our backgrounds dried, we folded and cut coffee filters to create delicate snowflakes.  Then we pasted our snowflakes to our papers and Ta-da! Winter scene!



Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Stay tuned for the more crafts to come in 2016!

Peace, Love and Art 🙂




Art Hour @ Webb Elementary IV: Cornucopia Monoprints

For our art project last Friday we made cornucopia monoprints.  This was a little different from our previous painting projects because it was less abstract.  For this one we used an image as a guide, smaller brushes and more colors.  To make our monoprints we started with a cornucopia image and placed a piece of wax paper over it.  Then we slowly painted our image on the wax paper and pressed our black paper down before the paint could dry.  Monoprints are an additive process.  We did thin layers of paint because too much would smear and not enough wouldn’t show up on the black construction paper.  The youth did a great job!  Check out their art below!



The Horlock Gallery will be closed Thursday-Saturday for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will resume normal business hours on Sunday.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Thanks 🙂



Navasota Farmer’s Market

Great news! Steve, Scotty and I will have a table at the upcoming Navasota Farmer’s Market!  We’ll be there to meet and greet with community and share our work. Come visit us this Saturday, November 21st from 9am until 2pm right next to the Blue’s Alley Museum in downtown Navasota.  While there, you can help yourself to some pizza and produce, and maybe adopt a puppy from the Friends of Navasota Animal Shelter.  And don’t forget to stop at the Horlock House Gallery to see the rest of our work.  Entry is free and we’re open to the public Wednesday-Sunday 9am-6pm.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Until next time,

Peace, Love, & Photography 🙂


Art Hour @ Webb Elementary III: Fun with Leaves

It’s getting cooler and cloudier.  The leaves are changing and falling.  It’s starting to feel like Autumn in Navasota.  So for this weeks project we did two different projects involving fun with leaves.

With Mrs. Ganske’s class we created an abstract painting using leaves as a stencils.  First we taped down a few leaves and painted over them with a layer of yellow.  Next, we added more leaves and painted over everything with a layer of red.  Yet again we added more leaves and painted over with a layer of brown.  Finally we removed all the leaves and tape.  Check out our results below.

In Mrs. Ballew’s class we used SunArt Paper and leaves to make contact prints.  First, they made designs with leaves on their papers.  Then we placed them between board and glass and put them in the sun until the paper turned a very light blue.  Next we brought them inside, rinsed them in water for one minute and let them dry.  Look at their cool leaf patterns!

What lovely, leafy fun!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Art  🙂


30 Days of Thanks

Slow down with the Christmas decorations already!  Let’s not forget about Thanksgiving.  Despite being a holiday with a slightly controversial history, Thanksgiving is still my favorite.  For me it represents time spent with family and so much food!  But more than that, to me, Thanksgiving represents taking time to count my blessings and say thank you.

Gratitude is a large part of my life.  When I made the conscious decision to have an attitude of gratitude every single day, my life shifted in a dramatic and positive way. Some days are harder than others, but on those hard days I’ve found it’s even more important for me to stop complaining and make a list of everything for which I’m grateful.

For the last three or so years I’ve participated in the 30 Days of Thanks, in which one takes to social media to express a new gratitude, every day for the month of November.

Day one, here it goes:

November 1st: I am grateful for everyone who makes and supports art.  Thank you!

I’m not sure I can express enough thanks for art, artists, and patrons! Art is magical and those contribute to art in any way are fantastic magicians.  And to properly express my thanks I’m offering 30% all prints for the 30 days of November!  If you’re in or around Navasota, Texas, please stop into the Horlock House Gallery and enjoy 30% off my images.  Or you can visit my website and enter promo code THANKYOU at check out.

Blessed with Fire @ Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India 2013

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Gratitude 🙂