Adriana De Luna

Adriana De Luna is a painter from San Antonio, Texas.

Adriana’s Artist Statement: My work originates from reading my first young adult novel. Reading activated my imagination and highlighted the importance of story and emotion in my mind. With little over two years under my belt, my main goal in my work is to show a mastery of medium and an understanding of subject. I am drawn towards people and the human body as a way of representing story and emotion. Having the individual as the focus creates a sense of relationship between the viewer and the subject that I try to capitalize on while further emphasizing emotion through vivid colors. A lot of the themes relating to my work deal with ideas of fantasy and spirituality with elements of ethereal or other-worldly qualities. I work with charcoal, acrylic, oil, and most recently watercolor and exercise in a handful of different styles from abstract to representational. I am working to further my skill in these mediums all while learning on how to better realize the ideas and themes of fantasy and spirituality in my work.

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