Warp Dyeing

Well I just dropped off 3 off my paintings at the Riddle Gallery in Bryan, TX which will be having an opening this Friday, May 6, 2016 starting at 6pm. The theme of the show is about ‘happiness’ and it will feature a range of local artists and talent.

Currently I am working on dyeing my warp. I started by winding off all of my length of thread on a warping board. IMG_1420

I then stretched out my bundles of thread and began to bind them in interesting patterns. I then soaked them in a water/soda ash solution which is the dye activator. I then mixed up some dyes and began to paint them in sections.

After applying dye to each desired section I wrapped them up to cure.

And now I wait to see the results 🙂




Hello Navasota! It has been a busy first month.

They are currently digging up the area behind the house in order to lay a parking lot. In the mean time I have been excavating the dirt pile and have found some incredible old ceramic and glass dish ware. Some of these can be traced back to England and dates of the late 1800s. And yes… that is a little ceramic doll arm.

The first few weeks were pretty busy. We were able to show our works at the Boots and BBQ event held in Bryan, Tx as well as the 7th Annual Downtown Art and Street Fair held in the historic district of Bryan, TX. Both were great events. The street fair was a great show of the artists and creatives that breath life into Bryan.

I have finally settled into my gallery, getting everything placed and hung.

I have collected wood shavings from local Bodark trees and have made some beautiful osage orange dye. With the color I’ve extracted I have dyed some recycled old shirts and some wool I purchased from the local WC mercantile.

In the mean time I am also preparing and binding off sections of warp that I will dye and eventually weave. The method I am using is inspired by ‘ikat’ a method of dyeing warp that I experienced last summer during my time in Bali, Indonesia. Ill go into more detail in future posts… I measure of the length on my warping board..then stretch out the sections to begin binding them in interesting patterns.


Thats all for now 🙂 ill be posting updates and pictures with in a few days. Time to go paint and enjoy this rainy weather.