A Visit to the Hill Country Yarn Crawl in Wimberly, TX

I had the opportunity to travel with a friend, and previous Navasota AIR, Lisa Urban. She invited me to Wimberly, TX for the Hill Country Yarn Crawl – a two week event where yarn lovers can hop around yarn shops across the Hill Country of Texas. Wimberly is a quaint little town with tons of small boutiques, art galleries, and shops, selling everything from dips and butters, to antiques and jewelry. It was a fun weekend – and I got to see a new part of Texas!



Elementary Art Project: Weaving with Paper

This past week I did a paper weaving project with my students at KOR, and it went really well! I wanted to see how they design and create their own weavings and how creative they could get with it. I taught this project to K-6 students, simplifying the weaving to only 2 columns for kindergarten.
After they finished their weavings, they had the idea to put them together to make a giant tapestry. The result was pretty cool! Love all the crazy colors!!


A Visit to the Round Top Antique Fair

We took a visit to the Round Top Antique Fair in Round Top, TX! There were hundreds of vendors selling tons of things. It’s so cool to see so many different things from different time periods all in one place. Even though I couldn’t buy everything, I took pictures of a few things I wanted to remember for inspiration.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Vintage spinning top- love the patterns and colors!

1970s’ wicker handbag- great colors! Used them in a painting (below)

Old wooden knobs (maybe from furniture)- great shapes, will paint patterns on them, maybe attach to other objects

Cool mirror with wooden beads

Stacked boxes with clashing patterns

Weird triangles on building blocks

Learn to see the things in new ways!! Be inspired by everything

– Jayde



An Eventful October

NAVASOTA, Texas – Road trip! Make plans to visit the Brazos Valley this October.

For a full list of upcoming events, see www.acbv.org/events

Busy Busy Busy

….making new work! Since I began my new body of work here in Navasota, I have been super productive! I am figuring things out, learning new things, and experimenting. When I first arrived in Navasota, I was really inspired by the antiquity and the history of the buildings and the town, so I started picking up antique wooden objects and reclaimed wood from local antique and thrift stores downtown and painting patterns inspired by the old architecture in Navasota, plants, textiles, etc. I’ve also been trying to incorporate more materials into my work including fiber, tassels, thread, and thread spools. Here are a few things I’ve completed so far:wheel

First Time Teaching Art

So I recently got the opportunity to teach K-6 art at KOR education school in College Station. It was my first time teaching art, but it was actually really fun! It was exciting to see what the kids were making and watch them use their imagination to create things. Our first lesson was learning about the color wheel and how to mix paint to create new colors. While we didn’t stick to the plan 100%, I think the results were pretty great!


Museum Lecture + Opening

Since Navasota is a such a small town, it’s good to get a little out of town every once in a while. About 30 miles north of Navasota is the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History in Bryan. At every opening exhibition there is a free lecture and viewing of the exhibition, so we went to check it out! On view currently is Horse Power:  The Story of Horse-Drawn Vehicles. The exhibit consists of several old carriages and stage coaches dating all the way back to the 1800s, loaned to the museum by the owner of the Buggy Barn Museum in Blanco, TX, Dennis J. Moore. He has an extensive collection of carriages, buggies and wagons, many of which he rents out to movies to use for filming (so cool!)

The museum is a great little place to check out, not too far from Navasota. Openings are free admission, but other days are only $5, except the 1st Tuesday (only $1!)