A series of bird paper sculptures inspired by green Navasota in spring 2018

Artworks by Apinya Srikhwanthong


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Creative Paper Collage in Artist Connect Workshops

On March 20-21, 2018, I have done Artist Connect Workshops at Brule Elementary in Navasota and Crockett Elementary School in Bryan. As a mixed media paper artist, my workshops were about ‘Paper Collage’ introducing students to a technique of assembling various pieces of paper to create an artwork. Kids were excited to learn how to collage in different themes; food, fruit, ice cream, monster, and bunny. We had fun cutting and gluing color papers together and below are some pictures from the workshops.

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Volunteer Painting for Songkran Festival in Austin

       Songkran has long been the most famous and significant festival celebrating Thai traditional New Year. Water is symbolically used to show respect and to cool down during the hottest month of April in Thailand. Pouring water onto hands of elderly members of the family or society to show gratefulness and ask for their blessings as well as water party along streets in Thailand to feel refreshed are common norms during this festival to strengthen relationships in families and communities.
       Here in the United States, Buddhananachat Temple of Austin celebrated Sonkran (traditional Thai New Year) Festival on Saturday April 7th, 2018, 10am – 12am (Midnight). There were Thai Classical Dance from Houston and Band from San Antonio and Thai food trucks from Austin, Dallas, and others.
         The temple was looking for volunteers for the event, and we volunteered to paint a backdrop for stage shows. We drove from Navasota to Austin to paint four panels, then brought them back to finish at the Horlock House. It took several weeks to finish, but it felt so good when we got it done with details of Thai temples, golden pagodas, sand sculptures, water lilies pond, and water splash. We were so glad to see people enjoyed the painting and had fun at the festival. And we had a happy Thai New Year as well!

         As an artist from Thailand, I(Apinya) was really pleased to be a part of the Songkran festival at the temple and so thankful to have a teamwork experience with good friends, Zachary and Ian. Best of all, it was nice celebrating Songkran with our art, the art of giving back from volunteerism. Thank you Buddhananachat Temple of Austin for having us.



Rocking Navasota with Art!

On the 4th Friday of March we painted rocks at the Gallery Downtown and now the rocks are hiding around Navasota for you to seek! If you found an Art Rock, please take a picture of you with the Art Rock and post it on the “Rocking Navasota with Art” Facebook group page. You can keep the rock and create another art rock for someone else to find, or you can hide the rock by releasing it into the wilds of downtown Navasota for another hunter to find. Let’s rock Navasota and have fun with art!


Bryan Art Fair had made our day!

The Downtown Bryan Street & Art Fair took place on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 10am-6pm on West. 26th Street between Main St. and Parker Ave. in conjunction with Texas A&M’s Family Weekend. The event featured artists and artisans from across the region selling their handmade creations. There were live music, hands on art demonstrations and street performers for entertainment. Admission was free.

We were at the Arts Council’s booth, presenting our artworks to the public. I (Apinya) brought some supplies to set up a mini studio space to create works at the event. I had combined paper quilling with watercolor for new pieces of artworks celebrating beautiful Spring in Texas. Zachary had done some quick drawings along with his creative mixed media paintings, and Ian had a unique open-air photography exhibition. It had been a long day, but it was really nice to meet and greet people with our arts. We were so happy we made some sales during the event, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the support from lovely people and this ideal opportunity! It totally made our day! 🙂


I and my paper sculptures have moved to a new studio in Navasota, Texas!



Hi Navasota!

Thank you The City of Navasota and The Arts Council of Brazos Valley for having me as an artist in residence at a Horlock House.

I am so excited to be here at a new studio in the beautiful history house. I bring some of my artworks I have done in San Francisco to exhibit at the Horlock Gallery. Come check out my paper sculptures and meet me at the Horlock House, 1215 E Washington Ave.