Can you change the World?


I knew 2017 would bring growing pains for me. Now I also can say America as a whole is in the thick of it.

Since Donald Trumps inaugural debute, we as a country fell down in the vast quick sand that is the American Male ego. Celebrities and common folk alike  banded together in record breaking Woman & Immigrant marches around the world. But are the marches helping change the world? Can we strong liberals heal the shadow aspects of fear in the Americans that voted for him? Can you alone change the World? In trying times like these I ponder the control we all have while grasping for straws.


Yesterday I floated around a canvas, painting a familiar image. James came over to sage, ceder, and bless the land the Historic Horlock House sits upon. A medium told James and I there were unrested spirit’s attached to it (and me) at a Body, mind, and Soul in the weeks previous.

I felt dizzy and weighted as he saged Hufreesh and I. We burnt tobacco after thinking of our intentions for the unrested spirits. I made a large pot of lemon grass tea, then walked barefoot outside. I knew that was the real reason why we came to the Horlock house, Hufreesh voiced my thoughts aloud as we sat upon the blue porch watching Jame’s rituals.

A trumpeting train beckons behind the building I sit in while I rehearse yesterday. I sold a pair of earrings, downed a latte,  and  am contemplating my next move. Minimalize, reorganize, and find peaceful moments throughout the day. These are my current priorities.


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