Suspension of disbelief


My name is Ashton Hall, and I am excited to welcome myself and my Oil Art to Texas. About 10 years ago I realised I had a gift that I needed to utilize. I applied to Western Technical College in LaCrosse Wisconsin and Graduated with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design in 2011. Soon after getting a job in the field, I knew it did not fulfill me. I needed to keep looking for my niche in the world and I realized it was my first love all along… self expression through oil paint, acrylic, and oil pastel. Since I seen the opportunity in Navasota Texas to sell my own work I knew I needed to apply and learn the value of my own WORK. There seems to be a stigma attached to artists, like they’re all poor or it is hard to make money through the art. Several of these thoughts exist because it seems the Art needs approval in order to have a backbone…support to lean on. I am guilty of this as well, I believed my value to society reflected in my work. I realize through this experience, Art is all about what you value in your own self. It is a true reflection of your current mind and thoughts.

It is an overcoming feat being an artist in this world and realizing your true worth. (It took me 10 years) Choosing this profession has afforded me expansion past normal means,  for my mind hasn’t been at a stagnant job. Every year I am different, I celebrate through my Art and feel anew.  I’m not saying it is a hard Road, I’m saying it’s a road of Strife but then Sweet reward…of Battle then Celebration. This is a warning for all Artists who want to travel the road of being a professional artist, while selling your work… beware of your own thoughts about yourself and what you believe you can accomplish.  You will accomplish as much as you believe you can. Suspend your current beliefs in order to reach higher positive perspectives than you EVER imagined. Being yourself takes courage and resilance, you will get back the belief you put in… Yourself.

-Ashton E. H1207161245


One thought on “Suspension of disbelief

  1. Ashton,
    Impressive words and image. I am overjoyed to see the progress you have made and look foreword to what you will do in the future. Congratulations. Well done.

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