Breaking the mold…

Boring, boring, boring…

As I picked up my white rectangular  canvas, those were the words that kept repeating in my head like a broken record that just wouldn’t stop playing.  I walked around my studio listlessly and feeling uninspired, as I sauntered out into the garden seeking for new inspiration…new freedom to break out of my self imposed confinement. I compared the rectangular canvas to my life, which felt limited and restrictive. Years of playing by the rule had left an emptiness in my soul. Finally, I had reached a point where I needed to be more daring, to take baby steps into unchartered territory.  It felt scary and daunting…to leave behind the known for the unknown, made my hand tremble. But this is what Art was all about for me… ” Life is Art, Art is Life” each inspires the other to grow and thrive.

Looking at the tree I was inspired to add some wood to my Art work. Below is one such example…( to see more of such works, please visit my site :  under “Mixed media”).

It is a reflection of my spirit as well, that is constantly seeking and searching for more from life then meets the eye.  I try to break free from the set mold and am seeking new ways to be creative and to truly be myself. Art reveals a lot about the artist, if you can understand the language that Art speaks. 🙂 Below is a recent Art work that I created.IMG_6291.jpg

So, have you found the courage to break free from your mold?

What do you think of it? Please do share your comments with me.


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