Navasota, Navasota…where are you?

Tell anyone that you are heading out to Navasota and you can see a puzzled expression on their face…”Navasota, where?” Coming from California, most people have never heard of  Navasota, Texas. To be honest, I had never heard of Navasota, till I applied for this Art residency and got accepted! 🙂 My artistic imagination just ran ahead of me…

I imagined cowboys on horsebacks galloping into sunset… a small little western town where everyone is walking around in cowboy hats! Darn it! Why is it that the reality never matches up with your imagination! So, imagine my surprise when I reached Navasota and finding no cowboys around! Alas…but the adventure of Navasota had just begun. And here in this little town I would discover beauty and the warm Texan hospitality.

Below is a picture I took on one of my evening walks around Navasota.


And in these last couple of months, I have found the time and the space to go within myself and bring out the colors of inspiration onto the canvas.

“Enchanting tree bark” Mixed media – 30″ x 48″


This particular painting was inspired by interesting tree barks that I came across in Navasota. I used molding paste to create the bark texture…


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