Painting Party Fun

On Saturday we hosted a painting party at the house for 11 people.  I had a blast organizing and hosting the event with Eric and Abby.  Weeks before the event I designed tickets, pasted out flyers, and posted the event in the Examiner.  We pre sold 7 tickets and sold 4 at the door for $25.00 per person or $40.00 per couple.  Less than half of the profit went to food and drink cost. The other half is going to fund our Closing Reception on August 13th, flyers will be coming out soon.

To keep supply cost down I borrowed brushes and paints from my sister Maricela Cisneros. She has hosted painting parties in the past and she had plenty to spare. I also borrowed table, chairs, and easels from the Arts Council. Thank you Maricela and Amy for all your help.

The party would not have been such a success without my partners in crime Eric and Abby.  Eric was such a great instructor,  he had so much charisma, charm, and was able to answer everyone’s questions.  All the paintings came out gorgeous because of him.  Abby did a great job with all the drinks and food. Everyone loved the chocolate covered almonds and nacho cheese. Thank you both for helping setting up, taking down and being silly with me after everyone went home.  I’m going to miss our silly, crazy, and messy times at the house.  I know both of ya’ll will be amazing in your future goals.

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