Art Camp!

Hey y’all,

I recently taught a week-long kids’ summer fine art camp at the Arts Council.  Throughout the week the kids got to experience various activities in a variety of mediums.  On the first day  we created personalized sketchbooks which we used throughout the week.  We went over an element of art each day: lines & shapes, perspective, form & dimension, light & dark, and abstraction & expression.

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Each day we explored color with limited palette paintings, where I would give the kids 2 primary colors and white, and challenged them to see how many different colors they could create.  The first time, someone created as many as 27 colors.  The second time, 43, and the third, almost 100!  A great activity for the kids to learn how to mix colors and see how limitless color can be!

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Throughout the week they worked on a canvas painting.  We went through the steps of toning, gridding, under-drawing, and then painting.  They turned out great and are ready to hang on the walls!

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We also talked about what art is to each of us, visited the current gallery, painted to the sound of music, drew pictures of objects using only our sense of touch, learned how to draw people in motion, painted a still life of a watermelon (and then ate it!), experimented with watercolor, acrylic, & tempura paint, splatter painted, fingerpainted, and much, much more.  The camp was 6 hours a day for a week of nothing but art – we definitely made the most of it!   I’m really glad I got the opportunity to teach this camp.

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Hard to believe we only have one month left here in Navasota.  We have a painting event on Saturday, July 30, 7-10 p.m. here at the Horlock House.  Tickets still for sale: $25/single, $40/pair – come by the house to purchase your ticket to reserve your seat!  And then we are going to have one last and final open house show on August 13 – mark your calendars!

‘Til next time!





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