Reflections 6: Glowing Firefly paintings

Hello everyone!

Friday was my last class with the kids at Webb Elementary.  I wanted our final activity to be fun (of course!) and result in a work of art that they’d be able to hang in their homes.  We painted glow-in-the-dark fireflies, using acrylic  on stretched canvases.  It was a blast — we’re all ready for summer now!

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The kids painted their canvases either dark blue or dark purple for the night sky.  We then took a toothbrush and white paint and splattered on the stars!  When their paintings dried, the kids mixed white and yellow paint and fingerpainted the fireflies.  The final touch was dabbing on some special glow-in-the-dark paint.

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After we were finished painting I had a surprise for them.  Several weeks ago I brought a pile of broken crayons and had each of them pick a few pieces.  I melted them into their own little “crayon cakes” so that they can keep drawing and doing art over the summer.  The kids then surprised me with cards they made for me – so sweet! 

Helping with the Reflections program has been a wonderful experience.  I have taught kids before, but this was my first time teaching students with special needs.  My aunt, who passed away a few months ago, was a special education teacher for many years and my inspiration for getting involved with Reflections.  I am so glad I did – I will miss these kids!  It was a pleasure to come do art with them!


Here are all the activities we did over the past 6 weeks!


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