Reflections 4 & 5: Mixed-media quilts, Ice & Splatter painting

Hey y’all,

Working with the life skills classes at Webb School has been a lot of fun.  We made mixed-media quilts, getting some inspiration from Native American patterns (particularly Navajo rugs).   We sectioned off black burlap with colored popsicle sticks, then filled each area with strips of paper: first with colored rectangles and then glittery triangles.  The kids got to experience working in mixed-media to design their own patterns.

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Last week we got away from the classroom and went outside!  The morning class painted with colored ice cubes.  The kids experimented with color by dripping and rubbing it across the paper as the ice melted in their fingers.

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The afternoon class had already done ice painting earlier this year, so we did another outdoor activity: splatter painting!  The kids used toothbrushes to splatter and spray colors all over their paper.  Some of them picked up the paper and let the colors drip across the paper.  Both of these hands-on activities let the kids experiment with abstract art, explore colors, and get some fresh air.

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This Friday will be my last class.  Webb and the Reflections Program has been great and I’ll miss these kids.  I’m excited for our last activity, it will be a good one!

– E.T.


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