Getting in the grove of things


So I have been busy the past few weeks with different projects. I am working on making 5 wooden panels for new paintings.

Designing new library cards for Navasota public library.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.11.23 PM
Library Card Design

I am teaching a Landscape and Nature Drawing Class for KOR Education School in College Station. The class includes observing the environment around you and learning a few new things about it. The kids learn the fundamentals it takes to construct a plein air drawing: perspective, horizontal line, and vanishing points. We worked on tonal change, such as light and darks and tricks to complete a drawing in a short amount of time. 


Welcoming vistors to the Horlock Gallery.

And being apart of the Riddle Gallery Happiness show. I put in my pool painting.


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