First First Friday

Hey everyone,

Officially had my first First Friday experience!  Christy, Abby & I went to Bryan and had an evening experiencing the local culture.  Gallery receptions, street performers, live music… we had a great time!     All three of us have artwork in the Riddle Gallery, as part of their current show “Happiness.”  My work is an acrylic painting, part of a series I’m calling “Waves and Wings,” which is inspired by the patterns of butterfly wings reworked into flowing sweeps of color.


On Saturday night I went to the Navasota Theater Alliance to see Cactus Flower.  Well done by the cast!  I enjoy watching live performances, both theatrical and musical.  Actors, musicians, painters… we’re all artists, and I’m all for supporting my fellow artists.

I’ve been keeping a sketchbook/journal and reading How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael Gelb.  Da Vinci is one of my biggest inspirations, both for his artistry and his approach to life.  Snapchat-2606579724871292187  The book has seven sections, each dealing with a “da Vincian principle” that encapsulates his genius.  Right now I’m on the first one, Curiosità, which the book defines it as: “An insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.”

I’ve decided that for the remainder of this residency, I’m going to focus on a different principle every couple of weeks.  Snapchat-9039849082600699153  Doing so will help me push the limits of my art and creativity.  I gave myself a Henna tattoo as a reminder.  I started getting into mixing Henna a few years ago.  A Henna tattoo can last several weeks and then it naturally disappears as your skin exfoliates.   I can appreciate tasteful body art, but I don’t think I’d ever get a permanent tattoo – it’s too much fun making Henna, creating a design, and doing it myself!

As far as my work goes, I just finished a commissioned oil portrait.  Other commissions welcome. 2016-05-10 18.15.42 A few works in progress are in my gallery space in the Horlock House.  Come by and see them!  🙂




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