Starting off strong!

2016-04-20 16.09.28

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been in Navasota for a month now and things are going great.  After 3 radio interviews, 2 art fairs, and 1 city council meeting, I’m feeling very welcomed here.  I’d say it’s a pretty good start to an awesome residency program.  

A couple weekends ago, Abby, Christy & I showed at the Bryan Downtown Street and Art Fair.  It was a really cool experience, and we met a lot of friendly people, including some gallery owners and art enthusiasts from the area.  2016-04-09 10.07.24  I had my first plunge into the art fair scene when I showed in the Ann Arbor Art Fair last summer, so luckily I was prepared to deal with a temperamental sky — everything stayed safe, dry, and anchored down (never underestimate the power of zip ties).  I had an in-progress pointillism painting set up in my booth, and lots of people came through as I dot dot dotted away.  That painting is now (almost) finished and is hanging in the gallery here in the Horlock House.  However it’s not yet varnished or signed so I may come back to it for a few more dots here and there…

Last weekend I ventured out to Austin, TX to visit some friends.  I’m happy to say spending a couple days there confirmed a lot of the great things I’ve heard of the city — the whole place felt fresh and full of culture and art.  I made a run to Jerry’s Art-A-Rama & as usual spent probably a little too much time browsing through art supplies (my wallet still feels that); I then went to a life drawing session at the Austin Visual Arts Association.  In full support of keeping Austin weird! I’ll definitely be going back sometime soon.

The shed next to the Horlock House is now our woodshop, so we finally got to work making some new panels!  Christy has been a lifesaver with her saws.  So there’s been a lot of cutting, clamping, priming, toning…and now finally starting to paint.  I usually bounce back and forth between mult2016-04-21 23.14.11iple works in progress.  I’ve still been running almost every day, but have been painting mostly in the studio because of the scattered showers & clouds.  I guess “April showers bring May flowers” doesn’t really apply around here since all the gorgeous wildflowers were already blooming a month before the showers (unless there’s more to come?) …rain or shine, I’m still loving the area.


And then Reflections!  Reflections is a program put on by the Arts Council that brings arts education into special needs classes once a week.  2016-04-15 14.10.25  I go into Webb Elementary School on Fridays to teach two classes.  The first day went great!  The kids are wonderful.  We all took paper plates and then folded, cut, and painted them to look like flowers.  They did an awesome job, especially mixing colors using only the primaries!  I’ve got several more ideas for the remainder of their school year and can’t wait to keep working with these awesome kids.

2016-04-20 16.11.27-2  The gallery is now open (Wednesday – Sunday, 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.) …if you’re in the area, come to the Horlock House and check it out!  And if you’re not anywhere near Navasota, you can see my art on my recently-updated-but-still-in-progress website 🙂




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