New in Navasota

Hey Navasota!

I’m thrilled to be an artist-in-residence in the Horlock House!  A couple weeks ago I made the 14-hour trip from my home in East Tennessee.  My first impression of Texas in a few words: open fields, ranches, cowboy hats, blue skies, blue jeans, blue bonnets.  So many blue bonnets!  I will definitely be doing a lot of plein air painting while here.  

So this is actually my first time west of the Mississippi River – literally new ground for me.  I was born in Michigan, surrounded by the Great Lakes, and grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains.  I went to Centre College in the rolling hills of Kentucky for undergrad.  I was an art major (of course!) and I minored in English and Spanish.  I also had the amazing opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Mérida, Mexico.  It’s exciting for me to be here where so much Spanish is spoken.  Entonces si hablas español, ¡me gustaría el gusto de platicar contigo!  Favor de tener paciencia conmigo porque estoy un poco fuera de práctica. 🙂

I am an artist of multiple media: oil and acrylic painting, charcoal and pastel drawing, and sculpted and blown glass.  I use them together in different combinations (a.k.a. mixed-media) whenever I feel necessary.  Over the course of this 5-month residency I plan to complete a lot of work.  Since being here I’ve done several small acrylic painting landscape studies, some of which I will redo as larger, more detailed pointillism paintings.  I’ve also completed a charcoal-pastel figure drawing which is now framed and hanging in the gallery.

Most of my time here so far has involved setting up my studio and gallery space and getting to know the area.  I go running almost every day – it’s a great way to get familiar with an area that’s new to me.  A lot of times I take a small bag with me (my condensed version of a plein air painting kit) and do some paintings and drawings of local places.  You may see me running around town and/or painting in a field or by a road.  Say hi if you do!

Abby and Christy have some great work as well and as a trio our work is pretty diverse.  Stop by the Horlock House sometime, we’d love to meet y’all!

— ET


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