So Long, Farewell, and Thank you.

Wow!  Six months has come and gone so quickly!  Coming here I had many goals that I wanted to accomplish.  I’m happy to say I accomplished most of them.  This was an amazingly enriching experience for me.

Since arriving in Navasota people keep asking me how I’ve liked it.  I have to say that while it’s different from big city life, I’ve enjoyed the incredible sense of community here.  It was a nice change to get to know my neighbors.  Everyone was very supportive.  If anything made this residency for I would have to say it was the people.  And to those people I say thank you:

Mayor Bert Miller

Councilman Geoff Horn and his wife

City Council of Navasota

Corey Johnson and Rachel Stack

Barbara Henley Walker

Lori Duncan

Jose and Lucy Coronilla and their family, especially Mary

Dom, Steve and Pat – love you guys!

Laura Pasket

Miss Shirley

Connie Clements

Jon Cooley aka Ol’ Rusty

Mrs. Ganske, Mrs. Ballew and their para staff

Ricki Weinkauf of Navasota Muscle Care

Darrin Hill

My fellow artist and roommate Scotty Gorham – You already know

Last but, not least, Program Manager, Amy Salvaggio – You are an unsung rock star!

Thank you to the Art’s Council of Brazos Valley for the this awesome opportunity.

And to the many people I have encountered in Navasota and Bryan/College Station working to keep art alive in your communities, a great big thank you!

Sunset @ Hillside Park

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One more great big thank you!  Farewell. Onward and Upward.

Peace, Love & Photography 🙂






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