Art Hour @ Webb Elementary VIII & IX: Celery Rose Stamps & DIY Marble Paper + Farwells

For our  eighth art hour we did some more stamping with produce.  Instead of creating pumpkins with apples we stamped roses with the base of celery.  Using red, purple, and white, the youth learned how to make the colors pink and lavender.  They also learned that adding white to a color produces a tint and adding black to a color produces a shade.  After mixing our tints we dipped or brushed paint onto our celery and pressed them down onto our white card stock.  Then we used individual stalks of celery dipped in green paint to add leaves to our roses.  Some chose to fold their paper, turning into a card for a special valentine.


For our ninth and final art hour, things got a little messy!  We attempted to make our own marbled paper using paint and shaving cream.  First, we sprayed a layer of shaving cream in a baking pan.  Then we added drops of different color paint (this can also be done with food coloring instead of paint).  We swirled the paint into the shaving cream using a craft stick to create a marbled affect.  Once we had a pattern we liked, we pressed our card stock into the shaving cream, making sure it reached the edge on every side.  Then we removed our paper and carefully scraped the shaving cream off, revealing our marbled design!  The youth had incredibly successful results!



Once we had completed our art activity the youth surprised me with thank you cards.  The gesture was so sweet and touched my heart deeply!  Para professional, Mrs. Abke even made me this adorable headband in my favorite color.  I love it!  Thank you!



It was truly my pleasure to create with these youth and their staff.  They had such welcoming and supportive classrooms, it made it easy.  I’m sad to go and only wish we could’ve done more art together!  Sincere gratitude and best wishes to Mrs. Ganske, Mrs. Ballew, and their Life Skills 1 & 2 classes!  I will miss you!


Peace, Love & Art 🙂




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