Art Hour @ Webb Elementary VI & VII: Scratch Art & Tape Painting

Welcome 2016!  It’s New Year and time for new art with the Life Skills classes at Webb Elementary.  Our first project was a little longer than normal so we had to do it over two art hours along with a second shorter project.

First a hour back we did some scratch art.  This involved us coloring an entire piece of paper with crayon.  It was important to get a nice thick coating of wax.  We didn’t want any of paper to show beneath.  This took most of our hour and really worked those tiny muscles in our fingers, hands and arms.  Once that was complete we painted over that with black tempura and left it to dry.  That wrapped up our hour and it was necessary to complete it next time.

We started our next art hour finishing our scratch art.  We used a popsicle stick to, you guessed it, scratch away some of our black paint in a New Year’s themed design.  Now our crayon coloring shows through!

For our second project we used large canvas paper and masking/painter’s tape.  Using the tape we made words like our name and shapes like hearts and stars or just abstract lines.  We painted over everything and left it to dry.  Once it’s dry we’ll gently pull off our tape to see our finished images!

Two more fun filled art hours complete!  Which one did you like best?


Peace, Love & Art 🙂



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