Ode to Texas Autumn

As I mentioned before, I hail from Seattle.  Most people ask, “Doesn’t it rain a lot there?”  Why, yes, as a matter of fact it does.  And the result of that is everything is really green.  Actually, Washington is the Evergreen State.  It’s covered in pine and fir trees.  There are other trees too but predominantly conifers.

One of the best things about living in new places is experiencing the seasons in a different climate.  Upon arriving in Navasota, I immediately became fascinated with the wide variety of trees.  While collecting leaves for an art project with the Reflections Program I took closer notice to the abundance of shapes, sizes and textures.

My love of trees, obsession with textures and experimenting with the contact printing process produced the project now on display in the Horlock Gallery: Ode to Texas Autumn.

Ode to Texas Autumn will be hanging until Sunday January 31st.  Come take a closer look.

Ode to Texas Autumn


As Always,

Peace, Love, and Photography 🙂



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