Decisions, Decisions.

What does it take for me to get an image for Instagram? I will tell you what I did to select the image I just posted to @scottygorham.  First I took about 50 images with my Canon 70D on different camera settings and from different angles. Then I uploaded those to my laptop. From those images I narrowed it down to 8. I’m looking for general composition, unusual/interesting composition, clarity, color, noise, and sometimes certain images just grab me. I learn from these images and they further inform how I think about the space. From the 8 images I narrowed it down to the 4 I posted here. Then I emailed those to myself, saved them to my phone, and put them in the Squareready app. Then I sent them via text to 8 people (from a set of 5-10 people I respect for different reasons who are all over the world…upstairs, Texas, California, Chicago, Sydney, China) and wait for a few responses. They usually don’t agree (and that helps too!) Ultimately I pick one (which is probably wrong) and post it. I usually do minimal editing in Instagram with brightness, but often I just leave the image straight from camera. I have some go-to hashtags (#art, #neonart, #lightart, #horlockhouse, etc.) and I select from those. For tonight’s post I went with the 4th image because it is sort of a more casual (maybe even sloppy) composition that lends itself to the feeling of seeing this installation in person. I like them all.


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