Perfect. continued.

This is a new image on an LCD screen of just the neon object devoid of context. Even as digital images on a screen, I couldn’t reconcile the images from the garage with the installation in the Horlock House gallery. Hanging the images on the wall (digital or print) still seemed like documentation, second hand, something remembered or referenced, as opposed to presenting those images on social media or a website or in a phone which seems to presuppose the anachronistic presence of real space. Somewhere at sometime. Or at least acknowledge the virtual nature of the space. In “real” space I want a “real” thing. Of course all of these boundaries breakdown upon scrutiny. My friend Kristen (an American video artist now working in China) told me yesterday during an emphatic text discussion that I am a “multi-platform artist”. I really like that. And one project does not have to be consistent across those platforms. In fact, it should necessarily diverge. Eh, it’s late. But I’m way happier with this. And the prints are still here for sale, tucked away behind the desk, and ready to go where they belong. In someone’s house 😉


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