Art Hour @ Webb Elementary III: Fun with Leaves

It’s getting cooler and cloudier.  The leaves are changing and falling.  It’s starting to feel like Autumn in Navasota.  So for this weeks project we did two different projects involving fun with leaves.

With Mrs. Ganske’s class we created an abstract painting using leaves as a stencils.  First we taped down a few leaves and painted over them with a layer of yellow.  Next, we added more leaves and painted over everything with a layer of red.  Yet again we added more leaves and painted over with a layer of brown.  Finally we removed all the leaves and tape.  Check out our results below.

In Mrs. Ballew’s class we used SunArt Paper and leaves to make contact prints.  First, they made designs with leaves on their papers.  Then we placed them between board and glass and put them in the sun until the paper turned a very light blue.  Next we brought them inside, rinsed them in water for one minute and let them dry.  Look at their cool leaf patterns!

What lovely, leafy fun!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Art  🙂



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