I just “finished” installing a new show Perfect. combining photographic prints with site specific installation in one of the Horlock House Galleries. I say “finished” in quotes because I am not entirely satisfied with the photographic prints, as a medium, and am going to keep working on it. There is something about the directionality of light in an active digital image (that emits light), that is arrested and lost in the analog, static reflection of a digital print. Compositionally I am pretty happy with the room and the presence of the images, I just think prints are not the solution. That being said, I have found some commercial success in the past by printing my work and understand the desire by viewers and collectors to own the work. Personally, I love my collection of photographic prints by other artists! I actually had a big epiphany on the way to the gym about another potential medium, that is still a printed object. More info to come. I am using this residency not just to produce work I know will succeed, but to take calculated risks and grow as an artist. I have decided to use this blog as a way to take you, Anonymous Reader, on this journey with me. Being perhaps more candid than is wise, perhaps being more cryptic than necessary. Perhaps not making sense at all. Regardless, I am still interested in conversations with the community about my work and my process and invite you to stop by the Horlock House. I take the late shift and work Wednesday-Sunday 3-6pm. Signed limited edition 16″x24″ digital prints from the show are for sale at $45 each, $350 for the lot. While I highly suggest you have them reframed, the frames are included. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook @scottygorham for more regular updates on my work. Images are also online at From my Instagram: “The title Perfect. embraces a philosophy (methodology mixed with ethics?) of seeing something for what it is, rather than what it is not, what it wants to be, or what it can become. The show is a narrative journey through image and material, and *of course* the color red….In addition to a way of seeing, the title also embraces the fiction/fantasy of image. It celebrates the closed system, while questioning the implications of living in a dream.” Stop by! I promise I don’t talk like that in real life. Most of the time 😉


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