Clicking @ Navasota Water Tower

My exploration of Navasota continues.  I knew I must photograph the water tower and I blame the Bechers.

Bernd and Hilla Becher are a dynamic duo.  The German photographer couple have many bodies of work that mainly focus on industrial architecture and are usually displayed in a grid format.  They’re awesome and have a series of images compiled into a book called Water Towers.  Now I’m no Becher.  Far from it.  But I love this body of work.  It’s particularly fascinating to me because water towers aren’t frequent in Washington state.

7545_BHB-988_WT USA Kugel unten offen J Last year I took a train trip from Seattle to Atlanta, clicking all the way.  The farther south and east I traveled the more water towers I saw.  And I immediately thought of the Bechers.  Click, click, click!

My first morning in the Horlock House I gazed out of my bedroom window to be greeted by the sun rising behind the Navasota water tower.  And every morning since then the water tower has greeted me, beckoning me, “Come click me.”  Who am I to deny such a polite request?

Now you maybe wondering, “How many ways can you really photograph a water tower?” After all, it’s just a water tower.  Even the Bechers were pretty straight on with their images.  There’s a pretty common beginning photography assignment.  It’s called the mailbox assignment but it can be used for any subject matter.  The idea is to spend one roll of film (36 exposures) on the same subject but all the images must be different.  What??? Crazy, right?  Not really.  The point is to get the photographer to start thinking creatively.  So let’s just call this the Water Tower Assignment.

One morning I decided it was time.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when I arrived to see there were people there servicing the water tower.  What luck!  I love clicking people!  This already got loads more interesting.

It was about 10 a.m. I had slept too late to get the ideal light but that didn’t necessarily mean I was out of luck.  Strong light is just another opportunity to get creative.  I decided to use it to my advantage and get some silhouettes.  There were also some great clouds that day that I made sure were included.  The structure had some awesome lines so I decided to play with those as well.  My favorites are below.  Let me know which ones you like.

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Photography 🙂



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