Candy On The Dancefloor

Hey Navasota,

Well, first thanks for having me. I am excited to be here! So let’s talk art 😉 Using the floor was a new experience for me, but at the end of the day (night) I am really happy with how this installation turned out. It is on during regular museum hours, but I would gladly meet you after-hours to talk art and drink some beer while we sit in the magical glow of the Best Museum. Email me at if you wanna swing by with a 6 pack. Bring a couple friends.

I am also looking for community spaces to make temporary light installations and photograph them. Businesses, outdoor spaces, and people’s homes. I have sold and installed several of these site specific light installations, but it would be a fun way to *temporarily* own a piece of really cool light art (for free!) if one was installed and photographed in your home. I always choose the location with the owner to best highlight both the art and their home. Hit me up.

I am really excited to get involved with the town of Navasota, and even though I sleep pretty late I’m a friendly guy. I usually work the closing shift at the Horlock House from 3-6pm, but like I said I would meet up to talk art after-hours.

You can follow me on Instagram @scottygorham and if you are interested in some of my older work my website is

Here are some photos of “Candy On The Dancefloor” at the Best Museum behind the Horlock House.


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