Sweet Pups & One Bad Little Girl

In the past few weeks I’ve completed a couple of pet commissions. Both were wedding related. One was for a friend in New Orleans who proposed to his girlfriend. She said ‘yes,’ in case you’re curious (yay!). The other, was a gift for a couple who married last year. I was super excited with the outcome of both.

 11215867_894463947314146_2155093950557294007_n 11745565_904618616298679_8543213042258309649_n

Then, there is this:

La Petite Merde 18 x 24" Oil on canvas
La Petite Merde
18 x 24″
Oil on canvas

I’m just going to go ahead and admit it, I was a bad little girl. I have friends still bearing the scars of my love on their foreheads. I would throw lizards on my mother while she was in mid conversation with a neighbor. My poor little sister, I’m not even going to go there.

That being said, I’m not going to say this painting is completely autobiographical, but I was very comfortable with the subject matter.

Finally, if you want to get 100 plus ‘likes’ on a Facebook photo, tag the Pinkertons. They attended our reception at The Village Cafe & Art 979 Gallery. A big thank you to all who came out!


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