Navasota to Kansas

If you’ve been following my art page, or even the Horlock page, you will have probably seen that I have a solo exhibition opening this week in my home town of Salina. So naturally I had to travel home to hang it all and it being summer, it has become a “mini vacation” for me from the residency.

The trip home, driving, takes approximately 9-10 hours (without stops). One CAN do it in one day, but I choose NOT to do it in one day, breaking it up by staying over near the OK/TX border. And since I break it up, that allows for extra time to check out art along the way.

Sunday I left around 10:30 with plans to stop in Dallas for the Dallas Art Museum. I was able to hit Dallas by 1:00 and made it to the Contemporary and the Art Museum.


Photos clockwise from top left: Raymond Johnson (very inspiring!) at DMA, David Salle at Contemporary, Modrian’s art from oldest to  newest, Downtown Dallas had a beautiful park!, And ANILA QUAYYUM AGHA at the Dallas Contemporary (I want to knit here!)

After leaving Dallas I set my sights for Ardmore, OK where I had booked a motel for the night.

The next morning I woke up earlier that I expected and did a bit of research. I found out there is a contemporary art gallery in OKC and since I was traveling through there anyway decided to stop. I am so happy I did because they had THE MOST AMAZING outdoor installation !


“terra” Woven rope outdoor installation by Orly Genger. It has been there since last October and you can see where the grass has started to take it over. Also if you get on Instagram and look up #OrlyinOKC there are some really cool photos of people interacting with it.

I finally arrived back in Salina later that night and these guys were awaiting me upon arrival.
The grey guy is Gizmo, our newest kitty and Sasha is our oldest. She promptly jumped in my basket.

I was also able to visit my college town, Manhattan, yesterday and catch up with some old friend. It really felt like nothing had changed.

Downtown Manhattan from the patio at a restaraunt, and two of my best friends – David and Griselda.

I set up my show tomorrow and cannot wait to reconnect with everyone at the reception. I am also lucky enough to have family flying in from Virginia to take their vacation while I am home. I plan to have a good, restful yet eventful next 5ish days.

I’m heading back to Navasota starting next Tuesday and plan to visit Tulsa and Dallas again along the way. The only really good thing about the drive is that there are so many art places between Navasota and Kansas.

Also a quick shoutout that I got an iPhone last month and these photos were all taken with it. I love having a decent camera phone for once! Follow me on Instagram as Lisa-24-7 to see more updates on my life and art!




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