Summer Camp at the Arts Council in College Station is right around the weekend corner. I am looking forward to leading classes and sharing projects with the students. It should be a creatively educational fun time! Modeling the structure of the camp after HMAS Exploring Art classes, we will take a survey approach to different media, while learning art history and art specific to the Texas region here. We will start off with drawing!


The mural at the Filling Station is waiting for additions. Following Mitch’s suggestion, I took a gander (not literally) over to Austin to look at the HOPE Outdoor Gallery on Baylor Street. This impressive fortress is quite unlike any public art structure. Enabled by the HOPE Campaign, it facilitates an ongoing metamorphosis of multiple scalable levels of graffiti & mural art.   There is some really nice stuff happening in this evolving concrete sketchpad. There were several groups at work creating new images when I stopped by. From the top of this gallery you can see the state capitol building peeping up above the trees. Inspiring. Below is a detail shot of my favorite section:

detail on HOPE outdoor gallery
detail on HOPE outdoor gallery


M ART ket on the Green is scheduled to happen on Father’s Day, June 21st. Horlock artists three will be there at the Millican Reserve, along with other local artists and vendors! I intend to find local honey, since the bees formerly in our roof demonstrated that it can be super delicious. Let us hope that the weather is welcoming.


Regarding my art at the moment, there are several things ongoing and balancing. Currently I am working on some book covers and children’s book illustrations. There are also a few projects I have in mind for the time here… working on the logistics. The previous week was the Grimes County Fair, featuring animal judging, horseback, & rodeo events. It was a chance to see some formidable livestock in action. I took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures and make some sketches. The horse cutting and bull riding, new to me, was impressive. The risk factor is evident. I’m taking in the horsemanship and skill set involved in handling animals that could punch a hole in your gut with a hoofstrike should they get in a foul mood. I’m imagining cowboys herding steer across the plains when suddenly one cuts loose or charges and necessitates some quick thinking and roping. Although the bull here is probably not having the best of times, when does a person get the chance to watch the powerful acrobatics they are capable of? Here are some bull sketchbook sketches, below:







Don’t forget the Navasota Sounds of Summer concert series!


I am looking forward to the next 3 months here.

Again, thankful to have this opportunity to explore & create. Mahalo!


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