Taking Root

Now that our Open House has come and gone I am a more confident about sharing my newest works with the world.
I wanted to start with a huge thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday and the amazing words of encouragement and applause that were shared among everyone. I know that I feel much better about my work knowing that everyone seems to really appreciate it.

That being said, onto my newest works.

As of late I have been very interested in more specific nature items, mainly the Tree and all of it’s crazy limbs and branches and the ways it is portrayed in fantasy books and movies. Maybe you remember This post from my first go round in the residency and how it led me to the ball sculptures. I had originally wanted to experiment with trees and that point, but I wasn’t confident enough to do it.  I spent a good portion of Dec-Feb meandering around in ideas until I finally gave in and decided to go back to those tree concepts.

It started with this painting, which was a rough idea of where I wanted to go. Experimenting with viewpoints, deeper colors and bringing a  few clouds forward. This painting quickly became my favorite, and also quickly sold!

Beneath Wandering Thoughts
Beneath Wandering Thoughts

After this painting took off, I knew I wanted more trees. But “real” trees this time (not just small balls hanging from my studio ceiling with pipe cleaner stems) and I began making mini trees with oven bake clay.


The trees were done, but what was the painting going to be? I was completely out of ideas at that point. I mean BONE DRY. And then I randomly rented “How to Train your Dragon 2” and this popped up during the credits.

And that led to this:

Broken Amber Haze
Broken Amber Haze

I had been wanting to find a way to bring the clouded, glazed background forward and this was a the perfect opportunity. Safe to say that it went perfect, I could not be happier with where I ended up on this one. It’s also bigger than my older works – 50 x 40 – and I am going to keep working this size (despite them not fitting in my buick century anymore).

My next piece wasn’t going to be “floating” but as I started, it just sorta of happened and now I am planning a whole series around the “Floating islands with trees” idea,.

Frozen Summer Harve
Frozen Summer Harvest

What will my next painting be? I haven’t decided yet. I want to keep making more tree paintings, but I also have some shows coming up that need smaller works and these subjects are better suited for large scale. But if I have my way there will be at least one more large tree painting while I am here.

Oh and don’t forget! I made a giant tree too! He will get his own post in the next week or so but I will leave you with a brief photo.




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