Special Visitors

Lately I’ve really enjoyed taking a break from my larger works and creating a few small paintings. This is a huge deal, considering the smallest I’d even consider painting before this residency was 36 x 36.” I’m also finding the smaller pieces are less demanding on content. I can be totally whimsical and silly without the pressure of the large canvas.

Uphill Both Ways
What To Wear?

Then this happened-
For the past two years I have donated a custom pet portrait to a charity in Lafayette, Louisiana, called 232 HELP. A great organization that helps so many people. At the event, people bid on the donations, and the winner of my pet portrait contacts me to arrange for their custom painting. Well I had no idea this was going to happen…

Jello, Mollie, Millie, DeeDee, and Ally.

Everyone had to make the drive from Lafayette right?

Millie was the only one proud to have her portrait done.
Mollie, don’t fall for that sweet, innocent face.
Jello, working for French fries. 
DeeDee is the baby of the bunch.
This may be the first time royalty has been in the Horlock House. Ally was the queen of a Mardi Gras parade in 2012.
This girl needs a cheeseburger from The Filling Station.

The ladies knew to be on their best behavior. After all, it’s not everyday you make a trip to Navasota’s Horlock House.

IMG_7773 thumb_IMG_7814_1024


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