Ocean Inspired

Often I work on several projects simultaneously.  One of the projects I have started since arriving here is a watercolor series inspired by time spent swimming in the ocean around Oahu, where I have lived for the past 5.5 years.

Ocean Inspired:

Honu Trio, 6x9", watcolor
Honu Trio, 6×9″, watcolor


Oceanscape I, 8x10", watercolor
Oceanscape I, 8×10″, watercolor


Inspection Sequence, 9x12", watercolor
Inspection Sequence, 9×12″, watercolor


Monk Seal Mobbing, 9x12", watercolor
Monk Seal Mobbing, 9×12″, watercolor


Living Coral, 9×12″, watercolor


Drifter, 6x9", watercolor
Drifter, 6×9″, watercolor


Whirl, 8x10", watercolor
Whirl, 8×10″, watercolor


Honu Migration, 9x12", watercolor
Honu Migration, 9×12″, watercolor


Swimming with Spinners, 9x12", watercolor
Swimming with Spinners, 9×12″, watercolor


Leafy Blue, 6x9", watercolor
Leafy Blue, 6×9″, watercolor


Swim Partners, 9x12", watercolor
Swim Partners, 9×12″, watercolor



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