Lightning Strikes

Yorick, the backyard tree at Horlock. 7:21am
Yorick, the backyard tree at Horlock. 7:21am

Last night a large number of trees suffered casualties, acting as natural lighting rods and defending their district by taking the brunt of the lightning storm.  Some even lost their lives, uprooted at the base of their trunks.  Branches and trees alike hosted insects, birds, squirrels, and species of lichen, some of which may not recover from the displacement.

lichens, with nowhere to go & no one to turn to
lichens, with nowhere to go & no one to turn to

The aftermath of the storm is drawing some controversy, however.  A significant portion of the woods is unhappy about the incident, feeling more than slighted, & fearing what could come next from the lightning.  Most of the woods wishes to avoid conflict and maintain peaceable relations with weather systems.  The following list details some arguing points from those trees that are ‘ok’ with the branches downed:



1. Lightning isn’t Perfect

It is possible that this tree, for instance, just had a bad experience.  After all, lightning isn’t perfect.  A lot of trees are familiar with lightning (they go way back) and can attest that lightning is “a really nice force of nature.”

The suburban forest is full of trees that didn’t get hit, so it’s possible that those trees that did get hit weren’t very good trees and had it coming.


still standing
still standing


2. Reconciliation

Some displaced tree-dwelling creatures are wondering if the hit trees will be working towards reconciliation with the lightning, the next time it strikes.  The creatures themselves are not responsible for the tree getting hit but do not wish to be indirectly affected again.  Should the struck trees be able to reconcile with the lightning and not get struck again, the creatures will not have to worry about having to relocate or worse, getting blown to little bits along with a tree limb.


please don't stare
please don’t stare


3. Gawkers

There are actually a number of mangled and shattered trees to be found all about the area of Navasota.  For the sake of politeness, the other trees advise dwellers to minimize discussion about the incident and refrain from staring.  Seriously rude.


effective disposal
effective disposal


4. Reputation

The woods are concerned that word of the lightning storm may get out and cause a stir beyond the district.  These woods have been established for decades and it is important that the lightning incident be swept under the rug.  The relationship between the woods and lightning is NOTHING in comparison to the relationship that other woods have with volcanoes, monsoons, or tornados.  There have only been several deciduous casualties, and those members of the woodland community had not been very active for several years anyways.

in full bloom, yesterday
in full bloom, yesterday


5. Bitterness Doesn’t Sew New Seedlings

A number of unaffected trees are quite aware that the struck trees are harboring resentment against the lightning already.  The unaffected trees are doing their best to remind the disfigured trees not to be “Negative Nancys” or “Debbie Downers.”  Bitterness is bad for the general morale of the woods, and lightning is only a force of nature that doesn’t know its own strength after all.

Lightning will be lightning.




6. Nature

One of the struck trees was considering reporting the incident to Nature.  This tree witnessed a neighboring pecan get entirely uprooted by an especially violent lightning bolt before itself losing 3/4ths of its own branches.

Nature has admonished the tree and filled it with a strong sense of guilt for questioning the lightning.  There will be no official report.

Be glad it wasn't you
Be glad it wasn’t you

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