Young Artists at Work

As many of you know, I re-applied an decided to stay in the residency for another six months. Something you may not know is that I have also been teaching as the main educator for the Arts Council. So far this has mainly involved doing Art After School on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Prior to this position, I had never been the lead teacher in a classroom before – I have worked with kids multiple times, but I’ve always had someone ahead of me – so I was a bit nervous. The first couple of weeks were a bit rough, I won’t lie. But slowly the kids have learned to behave and I have learned to adapt. Now I am sad that I only have 2 more weeks left!

I haven’t gotten many photos, but I wanted to share a few of our projects from this year. The good photos were taken by the council, the “crappy” ones by my phone.


One of our first projects was abstract art and color studies. We made black glue outlines and filled them in with acrylic paint.


In an attempt to teach the kiddos some 3d art, we made Calder mobiles one week. That was a fun week – everyone really enjoyed it!

Image03312015174913Two weeks ago we went outside. I asked the kids to draw windows or portholes to somewhere they’d like to go, emmulating the ideas of popular street/sidewalk artists. They really liked making a mess with the chalk !

This past Tuesday we looked at Georgia O’keefe and her close up flowers. This was probably one of my favorite classes so far. Each kid interpreted the project in a different way,but all still made amazing art. It was so much fun to teach them new ways to apply their paint and watch as they got excited seeing each other try new things. Image04072015170810Image04072015170755Image04072015170741

Overall, I really love my job right now. I have two weeks left and then a break until Summer Camps. If you have an elementary aged child and need a fun place to send them this summer, we will be offering lots of camps, a couple taught by me! Go to The Arts Council page for more info.


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