Those Crazy Dog People!

Yes, those “crazy” dog people. I have the authority to use this term because I myself am a crazy dog person. My decision to come to Navasota was hard because I knew I would have to leave this girl behind. 


Her name is Lula and for the past five years, she has been faithfully underfoot in my studio. Sometimes I would even refer to her as a “painting hazard” (see below), but of course I would suffer and walk around the big lump because as the saying goes “let sleeping dogs lie.” Actually, the saying has nothing to do with it, she’s the boss, she knows it, I know it.


Luckily, Lula and I each have a best friend. Luckily, those best friends have invited Lula into their home for the six months I will be in Navasota. This does not mean I do not miss her, but it helps knowing she is loved and getting extra special treatment while I’m away.


So back to “those crazy dog people.” As a working artist I make a portion of my income doing pet commissions. I have completed a few since my arrival 3 weeks ago. It’s been so nice painting both pet commissions and a new series simultaneously.


In each dog commission I try to capture the dog’s personality and something personal to their owners. Clients send me 10-15 photos, we then discuss sizes and backgrounds. After those decisions are made I get started. Watching each painting as it comes to life and takes shape is super exciting. Shiny noses, wet tongues, and longing eyes have become my specialty. It’s always fun, never boring.

Molly Sm

So, if you’re in Navasota stop by! You’ll usually find me in my gallery painting pups or some strange self portrait from my bizarre 1970s childhood. AND by the way, I paint for “those crazy cat people” too! You can see more of my pet portraits on the Facebook page titled, “I love my dog more than my spouse.”

Wedding smCamella


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