Art and Poems.

I realized tonight as I was driving back from Bryan and Mic Check Poetry (which, BTW, if you haven’t been to, you need to. It’s amazing!) that I haven’t actually shared my most recent art and poems with the followers of our blog and residency. I also haven’t updated this thing in forever. Thus, a good excuse to share some art and poems.

Melted Spring Shore

Take me back

To the days when the beach was soft
And the moon was bright

When water flowed free
Both day and night

Take me back

To your golden sand
That melts and fades

With stones of fire
Carefully laid

Take me back

To my happy place
My oasis
My solitude

My Home

Dead Blue Laugh

Let’s sit in the corner and dream

Dream that the very ropes that trap you
Will free you

Dream that the red sun will calm down enough to
Stop the melting

Dream that one day there will be

Happy, roaring laughter

Painted blue and violet
And the colors of freedom

The same laughter that has
Choked, bound and ensnared you

Forcing you into this corner

Never to escape.


The world is beautiful.

Or so we’re told.

Well than,
Maybe he’s beautiful?

Tall and mighty,
Proud and free

They come to greet
With love in their eyes
And passion in their words

He listens and smiles
As they sing his praise
Never knowing their hidden intent

Ropes emerge
from deep below
High above
All around

His smile drupes
As cords of power
Take him over

He has let the
Words and songs
Lure him into their plan

They pull with ease
To inveigle the king
From power and grace

Leading him away
Freeing the world.


I finished all of these new works about a month ago, and wrote the poems at the same time. I was really wanting to push my boundaries on the story telling and bring even more meaning into my words. I think that I was able to do that with these three and I can only hope my future ones will be just as strong.


PS – Seriously, go to Mic Check! Sunday’s 8:30 pm, Revolution bar in DT Bryan. If I hadn’t started going, I wouldn’t be writing poems for my art.


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