If you came to our Open House a few weeks back, you likely saw my “mini-installation”, with the knitted form expanding off of it’s pedestal. Maybe you even added to my word wall for inspiration on what to name it:


After the dust settled and I had more time to think, I started examining the ideas the people had for my sculpture piece. Something I really like to do when naming any of my sculptures is take a common word and find a lesser known synonym for it.  Words that stood out to me on this board were: Spawn, birth, and miracle. Upon consulting the online thesaurus I finally settled on the perfect name:

Proliferate (v) : to grow or produce by multiplication of parts,
as in budding or cell division, or by procreation.

Given the context of the words I liked, this seemed like the perfect title for such a creepy, abstract sculpture. Of course, the next phase was getting some good photos of it. And with colored light, that’s harder than it sounds. I think I finally scored a few.

Something I found really interesting was how the color changed as the sun went down (because there are 2 windows in my studio that shine through). I think I may experiment with videos and time lapse sometime just to see what happens.

As I was laying in bed last night, I started to think more about words and the poems I like to write for my works. Although I didn’t have one for this piece at Open House, I started to feel like a poem was necessary. Almost as if the art isn’t complete until it’s written. It’s amazing how such a profound effect poetry has had on me here. Reaching for my notebook, I started jotting down words until I finally came to this poem:

Open your mouth
Close your mind
Prepare for what’s to come

Expand the boundaries
Keep the distance
Burst free as one

Hang and claw
Scratch and grab
Next upon the ground

Ropes of sadness
Eggs of fortune
Small, perfect, round

Hold on tight
Be on target
Don’t look up too soon

Reach no endings
Leave no memory
Pieces of the moon.

From start to finish, this was a really fun piece to work on, and I can’t wait to do another after Thanksgiving. But until then I am taking a much needed break and heading back to KS for the holiday. I hope you all have a good holiday also!



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