Small Steps

It’s been awhile since my last post. Partially because I have been drawing a blank on ideas and partially because I have been wanting to keep my newer works a bit of a secret until after open house. But now that open house is over, i am going to share with you guys what I have been up to.

I recently decided to venture into more sculptural works involving the assemblage of various knitted balls. Along with the sculptures came a new idea for a body of work. Getting away from the landscapes (for now anyway) and zooming in more on the general forms and stitches.

1_Urban_Florescence1_2014_small 2_urban_Florescence2_2014_small

These are both of the same angle, where I just switched out a purple light bulb for a green one. I was really wanting to experiment with color relationships and seeing how a single change can effect the whole mood. These are both 9×12 in size.

IMG_3825 IMG_3827

These two are a bit different in that they zoom in more on the form and not the background, filling almost the whole page. The color is super bright as well, mostly because that is truly what I saw when I shined green and blue onto it. Although after painting these, I am very neon-ed out.


This is my most recent sculpture – Carapace (meaning a shell, like for a turtle). It was really fun to knit and inspired the below paintings.


This is the only big painting I’ve done in this new series. I wanted to loosen up and work more with brush strokes and less with composition. I am still warming up to it – I can’t decide if I like it as a whole(weird, avoiding a real composition, yet still worried about it…). And of course, the colors are my go-to’s: Blues, violets and yellows. Somehow that always seems to be my default when I am out of ideas.

IMG_3830 IMG_3837

These guys are both 5×7 and were painted right after the large one – partially because I still had the wet paint on my palette. I like the one to the right a lot, but I don’t see anything really happening with the one on the left. But they do make a good set!

IMG_3868 IMG_3866

These are my most recent, also 5×7. I was going for a more naturalistic feel and absolutely love how they turned out. I also experimented a little bit more with medium application and learned lots of new things along the way.

Through every one of these paintings I have discovered new things about my art and where I want to go as an artist in the coming months. I know I want to keep making sculptures and installations. I also know that I want to experiment more with using those sculptures as my subject to the paintings. I started a 32×40 painting similar to the first set shown today. I am hoping that I can establish a good sense of place and balance without having to do a complete landscape.

I’ll be sharing more of my 3-D works in the coming weeks, as well as my new adventures in teaching (High school!). I hope everyone has a great week and thanks to everyone who came out to the open house! if you missed it, we are open Wed-Sun 9-6pm and still have most of our works set up the way they were at open house. 🙂


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