Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing. Maybe you’ve heard of it – it’s becoming pretty popular as of late.

In a nutshell, yarn bombing is basically a form of graffiti, but the artists use yarn and string instead of paint.

Yarn Bombed bridge in Italy.

Yarn bombing is actually believed to have originated in Texas (Houston to be exact)! The idea came about in an attempt to beautify an otherwise bland and old landscape when a yarn shop owner knitted a doorknob cozy. It has since spread across the globe, with troops of bombers everywhere from the UK to Australia.

Classic yarn bombed street pole

Why yarn bomb? Well the reasons are (once again) quite similar to graffiti. Subversion of ideals and protests are two major examples, while many people are simply doing it as a part of their art and to have fun.

I recently did a bit of yarn bombing myself, so to speak. 😉


Me and Mick went to work on the mural at the Filling Station here in Navasota this past Sunday. After a brief fight with the rain, we were able to finish up. When I first saw what the previous AIR’s had left, I knew I wanted to “bomb” Mike’s town with a giant yarn ball. It only seems fitting to have it be a giant bomb.

Working on this mural really helped me loosen up and prepare myself for my next paintings. There was something about the latex paint and the layers that just got me excited. I can see now why Mick loves it!

Happy Tuesday all!


Want to learn more?

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